1. D

    FIXED Noisy Maytag MVWB835DW1 Bravos XL Washer

    Washer sounds awful when spinning. Based on other posts here and elsewhere that I need a new gear case W11455453. Just wanted to confirm the part number and get a link to the spanner wrench I will need to get the tub out. Thanks!
  2. J

    110.4767292 Kenmore 70 Series Washer - clank/grinding noise on spin

    Hello! I have a Kennmore 70 series model 110.4767292 top load washer that is making a clanking/hammering and grinding sound on spin. It works fine on agitate. The grinding-type sound has been going on for a little bit but everything was still working fine so I left it. Now the hammering started...
  3. H

    FIXED WSM2700TDWWB GE Stack Washer - Stripped Shaft Threads?

    Since I replaced the agitator drive hub* a few months ago, the plastic cap that screws onto the top of the agitator kept coming loose. It got to the point that it unscrewed after a single load. Well today I couldn't screw it back in. I took the agitator out, and it seems like there aren't any...
  4. G

    GE washer S3700E4WW loud when in spin cycle / how to test transmission

    Have a S3700E4WW that sounds like a jet when it goes into the spin cycle. Was going to try to further diag and troubleshoot when I got back into town but it completely died while I was gone last week. My wife put in a load and it filled but even didn't go into the agitate cycle. I've ordered...
  5. C

    Replacing transmission in HAV2360AWW

    I am replacing the transmission in my Maytag HAV2360AWW. This is the version that has seven washers on either side of the pulley, so I believe our machine is not the Series 22. When I am installing the new transmission, is it fine to use all of the washers that are a part of the machine, or do...
  6. R

    Frigidaire FGX391CS1 agitator clanks as it turns from L to R during wash cycle.

    Hello, I'm working on this washer from 6/2004. Exhibits a clank when the agitator turns from left to right. There's a 1/4" of play right to left as well as a 1/4" up and down. Am I looking at a new transmission? The one in it is stamped 131878400. Also the tub (empty) is oddly out of balance...
  7. T

    Help Replacing Transmission on Kenmore Laundry Center Model 417.94712400

    Hello. My first time posting. I was just married and wife and I need a washer dryer. A friend gave me his laundry center and said that the transmission is slowly leaking oil and needs to be replaced. I would like to try and do this on my own. Does anyone have experience or does anyone know if...
  8. J

    Maytag Washer - won't agitate

    My washer started acting up recently where it wouldn't agitate when starting "cold" if it had a full load in it - would try but would get a burning rubber smell and it would start to squeak. I thought perhaps the belts were going. If i started the dryer with a mini load and ran it for a few...
  9. A

    MAV2757AWW Thrust Bearing Adjustment

    Greetings, all. We have a Maytag top load washer, age questionable (was in my in laws house when they moved in, now we have had it for a couple years). Have not tried to reference the there an easy guide for interpreting the S/N? The original symptoms were: Wet clothing, slow spin...
  10. J

    Maytag Top Load Washer - won't agitate

    Yesterday, the agitator in my washer stopped functioning during the wash cycle. It's a two belt system, and both seem to be fine. The motor also seems to be fine as the drum spins properly during the rinse cycle. Any insight on how to troubleshoot further would be greatly appreciated. I...
  11. M

    Kenmore 90 Series Washer Still Not Spinning After Clutch Change

    Recently the washer started making some loud humming/whining type noises and it would not spin. The machine agitates, although does not spin on the spin cycle. Things I have done so far: Checked the coupling (all good, replaced about a year ago) Replaced clutch with new clutch let the machine...
  12. J

    Whirlpool Washing Machine GSX9750PW0 with bad transmission?

    Our washer has been struggling over the last month to fully remove the water from the clothes after the rinse and spin cycles have been completed. It finally stopped doing the spin cycle at all. We had a repair technician come out and check. He says the pump, motor and most everything is in...
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