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    KitchenAid ( Model KRFF305ESS ) Refrigerator Tripping GFCI When Defrosting

    My Kitchenaid 25 cu ft 36-width French Door Refrigerator is ( Kitchenaid Model Hyperlink ) Model KRFF305ESS. Recently the GFCI started to trip whenever the defrost mode was utilized. I replaced the GFCI, which was old, but the same issue persists. If I plug it in to a non-GFCI using an...
  2. A

    KRMF706ESS01 tripping breaker on one circuit, causing voltage drop on another

    Hello, a week ago our 1.5 year old KRMF706ESS01 was found with what appeared to be no power. I touched the control panel and the light flickered a bit but fridge and freezer were warm and ice had melted. Unplugged and plugged back in - did not resolve. Unplugged for 5 minutes and reseated...
  3. B

    AO Smith ECT80 210 Unit Keeps Tripping

    Hello! My AO Smith ECT80 210 unit itself keeps tripping. Almost daily I have to push the red button on the controller to start it up again. I've double checked the connections and they all seem good. I even slightly tightened one. I also lowered the temperature, which seemed to have been hotter...
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    Refrigerator tripping GFCI upon opening door

    short story...i noticed some water collecting in the bottom of the refrigerator and down the back of the inside wall...i dried it up and went on...this morning, the refrigerator seemed to have gone out...turns out that the GFCI was tripped...if i reset the GFCI, it operates again (with the doors...

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