1. S

    Frigidaire Dishwasher PLD2850RDC0 Stops after a few seconds

    I am a renter to a landlord who is facing foreclosure and is trying desperately to keep the house so I don’t have to move because I’m absolutely screwed if I have to move this soon (this was expected to be a VERY long term rental house for my 4 kids and I after my divorce & frankly if she has to...
  2. M

    ERSD48 Dacor 48" Dual Fuel Clock and Control Panel Resets Every Few Minutes

    I am guessing on the age. I just purchased it and hooked it up today. The Control Panel is resetting every few minutes. I first noticed it when I turned both ovens on to blast out some of the dust. I was waiting for the heat to start to rise when the panel went blank, and after a few seconds...
  3. D

    LG LSB5611SB Oven and Range display malfunctioning

    Good afternoon, I recently purchased my home, and the stove that came with the place was immediately exhibiting problems. The previous owners attempted to fix it (in the most lackadaisical manner possible), but ended up insulting the only authorized LG repairman in our area, so now the burden...
  4. M

    Top Load GE WCSE4160B1WW high speed only, no low speed

    Have a washer machine that seems to only have the high speed. Trying to figure out how best to troubleshoot it and determine what the cause might be. Certainly, if it needs a motor, that's like $400 so probably not worth it, but if it's something like a switch or control board those repairs...
  5. J

    Bosch Refrigerator/Freezer not cooling

    I am hoping someone can give me a little advice about my Bosch refrigerator. About 2 months ago I noticed a sheet of ice at the bottom of my freezer. Then I began to notice water pooling on my floor. Then the refrigerator started to get warm and I decided to call a repair man. He told me to...
  6. W

    Whirlpool direct drive washer - noise while agitating

    Hi Everyone, I am having a few problems with a Whirlpool direct drive washer model LSC8244DQ0. - First off, the washer starts and fills ok, but the agitator seems quite loose on the top and makes a strange noise while agitating. - Second, the tub will not spin during the spin cycle and...
  7. A

    Please help! Maytag Fridge Repair

    I was troubleshooting some issues with my Maytag side by side. It was cool but would make click then buzz noise, which increased. It then became less cool. I took the relay out and shook it and it did make a rattling noise which told me it was a relay problem. At this point I left the fridge off...
  8. R

    FIXED GE Motherboard woes, fridge not cooling, howling fan, bad ice/water dispensers

    Our 12 year old PSS26MGPAWW stopped cooling recently and required a "kick in the side" to start back up (actually tapping it in the back in various places). Since the coolness settings were 9 and 9, once it started up, it stayed on for a very long time and all seemed well until it stopped...
  9. JBrown

    Maytag Performa - Need to diagnose strange noise

    Hello All! Our washing machine is making this strange noise once in the spinning cycle. I've checked the pump, no clogs and seems to be working fine. I've checked the belt and pulleys, all is well there too. The noise seems to be coming from the center area where transmission is. Can anyone...
  10. D

    Kenmore Coldspot Ice Maker quit working

    My Kenmore Coldspot ice maker quit working. Model # 10659592992. Can someone please tell me how to trouble shoot this problem so I can narrow down possible causes. Thank you! David Isham