1. bradvincent

    PGS975SEPSS GE Range - No bake, igniter problem?

    Oven does not heat at all, broiler and stovetop work fine. Removed the oven door and heat shield over the igniter. Turned on the oven, igniter does not glow at all - literally nothing happens in the oven, even though the control panel shows it is on. I expected a bad igniter, which I expected...
  2. J

    FIXED Whirlpool Gold GI0FSAXVY02 - front display 8's, not cooling

    Request your assistance. Posts used for references and precise details are below. I unplugged my GI5FSAXVY02 for a few minutes while I was cleaning the coils underneath (coming from back/below). When plugged back in, the frige made a rapid clicking noise for a few seconds and when it stopped...
  3. S

    PHP960SM1SS GE Induction 11" 3700W Center Burner Mediocre / Slow Performance

    MODEL: GE Profile™ Series 36" Electric Induction Cooktop - PHP960SM1SS SPECIFIC BURNER: Induction 11" 3700W Center WB30X10030 SYMPTOM: Slow / Mediocre Heat Performance GE Induction 11" 3700W Center Burner Mediocre / Slow Performance - Seeking troubleshooting tips Hi everyone, appreciate some...
  4. J

    MFI2569VEW1 Maytag Freezer section temp fluctuates -- fix or replace

    We have a Maytag French-door Refrigerator Freezer Model MFI2569VEW1 . It has worked well for us for just about 10 years. Recently, we noticed increased frost in the freezer section and substantial softness in our ice cream (Horrors!). We just added a wireless thermometer and have seen the...
  5. E

    Maytag MDB7609AWS2 dishwasher not starting

    Hi, I've been unable to start my Maytag dishwasher lately and would appreciate some help troubleshooting. When clicking on the control panel the Hi temp wash, heated dry and sanitize buttons will light up. The Heavy, Normal or Light buttons will not light up when clicked. I was able to run...
  6. M

    FIXED GSS30C6EYY01 Whirlpool Gold Icemaker Dead - need advanced troubleshooting steps

    Following a power failure, my icemaker is dead. This is a side by side model with the icemaker in the door and a laser? / IR? emitter / receiver across the top of the ice bin. Known Facts: a) Drinking water dispenser works normally and water filter is reasonably fresh. b) Refrigerator and...
  7. V

    True Gem-12 Not Cooling

    Hello Everyone, I have a old commercial refrigerator that I've been using as a beer fridge for a while now and it recently stopped cooling. It's a True GEM-12 and after doing some research the thing may be pretty close to 23 years old - So my hopes of fixing it are relatively low but I figured...
  8. L

    Used LG fridge not cooling, troubleshooting by non-technician, with results

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum, signed up because of the great help I have read in the threads. Thank you all for this awesome resource! Long story short: Have an $800 paperweight, trying to fix it myself (since I already shelled out a lot of money to buy it, used). :wall: Problem: Not...
  9. T

    AER5830VAW1 - Replacement radiant surface element not working

    Both front radiant surface elements burned out within one month of each other. I ordered replacement elements, and installed them. The right front element works with no problem. The left front element will not work. I have tested the infinity switch by swapping it out with the exact same switch...
  10. G

    FIXED Kenmore Dishwasher Troubleshooting 587.15073281 - Caked powder everywhere

    Photo: Kenmore Dishwasher (model 587.15073281) is 10 years old and is used 3 months out of the year. Symptoms include caked powder everywhere as shown in photo. Tried dissolving it fingertips and not really sure if it is soap. Ran it through a cycle (with...
  11. B

    NED7200TW Dryer makes terrible noises 5-10 seconds after starting

    Recently our dryer started making terrible noises. It sounds to me like a belt is broken, but it makes a grinding sound when turning. The noise is not constant and it always starts several seconds after operation. After several seconds, there is a strong burning smell. Washer trouble - YouTube...
  12. P

    KitchenAid Dishwasher Resistor Blown

    I got a KitchenAid Dishwasher, dont know how old it is, but its model # is KUDG25SHWH1. Opening it up, the control panel has visible burned resistors, R28 and R32. Does anyone know what would cause these resistors to over stress? I would rather not buy a $60 control panel if it will burn...
  13. N

    Ge gsl25ifrfbs freezer and refrigerator not cooling at all.

    Hello, Need some trouble shooting advise. My GE model number GSL25IFRFBS serial number FH203748side by side refrigerator quit cooling. open doors and lights do come on. Refrigerator makes no noises. What are some things i can check? Fan/fans?
  14. T

    FIXED Help needed: troubleshooting circulation noise

    Kitchenaid dishwasher has been working fine - and continues to work and clean dishes. It recently started making a loud, continuous squealing noise during operation. Based on various repair videos the likely culprits are: - circulation pump - circulation motor - impeller Before I pull the thing...
  15. K

    Series 80 washer - small leak and loud noise

    My washer has recently started leaking underneath when doing a load. Less than a cup of water at this point. The end of the spin cycles also terminate with a loud 'chunck' noise. I'm going to get in and try to locate the leak, but I'd love any advice on common problem areas. I've checked the...