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    Whirlpool Cabrio Washer WTW5640XW0 Tub Seal Leak?

    Hello! I have a 10 year old Whirlpool Cabrio WTW5640XW0 washer with some kind of leak. I recently started noticing a burning plastic smell after running a wash load. Searches led me to believe it might be the capacitor. I looked around the machine, but never noticed anything that looked out of...
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    Speed Queen AWN432 help on tub seal

    replaced the tub seal on washer, all went well until I engaged the spin cycle and it would not spin, wanted to burn the belt up, I took apart and loosened the hex bolt and it would spin, but the directions say torque hex bolt to 40 ftlbs , doing that it will not spin, any chance something else...
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    Kenmore 110.29842991 Leaking

    Our washer started leaking Sunday, a week ago. It was coming from the center of the machine, so I assumed it was the tub seal. I replaced the tub seal as well as the coupling. I didn't know if the coupling could cause this type of problem, but I found black rubber pieces and nylon-plastic pieces...