1. W

    FIXED MFW9700SQ1 Maytag Washer - Tub Support Replacement?

    Model: MFW9700SQ1 Serial: CSU1121656 Symptoms: The tub started making knocking sounds when on spin cycles and the rim of the tub started rubbing the outer plastic barrel. It appeared that the drum was off balance somehow so as an avid DIY'r I tore it all the way down, removing the back belt...
  2. W

    MVWX655DW0 Maytag Washer Tub Extremally Loose - Need Help

    I have a Maytag Top Loading Washing Machine model MVWX655DW0. The tub when empty can be easily pushed to all (4) sides of the housing where the wear pads are located (and have now been mainly worn). When the unit is in spin cycle, the unit is extremally uncontrollable and needs to be stopped. I...
  3. jaybake32

    FIXED Kenmore 110.26712690 top load washer drum spins

    Hello I am having a few issues with my Kenmore 110.26712690 top loader and hoped someone could provide guidance. It had been banging violently, and I discovered the "skate plate" was out of rotation so I corrected that, and now it has much improved. It still wobbles some in the spin cycle, but...
  4. C

    417.42142100 Kenmore Front-loader Belt Falls Off

    The belt on my Kenmore/Sears front-loader (model 417.42142100) consistently falls off behind the pulley wheel. I read on a forum that it could be a warped pulley; easy fix. I also read that it could be a bad rear drum assembly and/or bearing. How can I know which one it is? My wife and I have...
  5. A

    FIXED Kenmore Laundry Center Tub Doesn't Turn/Spin

    I have a Kenmore (Sears) Laundry Center 417.94712400 - single unit with the washer on the bottom and the dryer on top. The washer tub doesn't turn at all, and therefore the spin cycle doesn't operate. The agitator turns, but not the tub. When working properly, the tub can be turned by hand...
  6. E

    FIXED WTW4800XQ1 washer tub's excessive play

    This Whirlpool, Model WTW4800XQ1, top loading washer is only 2 years old! The complaint was that they (family member) could only wash small loads at a time and when I went to have a "look," I was shocked to find the washer's tub was very loose. It seems to have excessive play, as I could...
  7. P

    Maytag Atlantis MAV7200AWW Cubic Feet of tub?

    Hi guys! Looking to find the cubic feet of the tub of a Maytag Atlantis Model # MAV7200AWW. Most washers here have this size and the wife wants to compare other top load models size with our current one.
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