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  1. Z

    Panasonic NN-SN973S Microwave turntable runs for a minute, slowly, after oven turns off

    In my searching, I see no mention of the issue for any microwave, like I am experiencing. The microwave turns off, we open the door, light comes on, but turntable keeps turning slowly for a minute or so. When I unplug it, the spinning stops immediately. Any ideas? Obviously it is...
  2. JacobJ

    GE Microwave JVM3160RF4SS Fuse blowing - Possibly related to turntable

    I have a GE JVM3160RF4SS Microwave and the turntable started making some noises and the fuse blew a little after that noises started. I changed the fuse and it blows again after a few minutes. When I start a heating cycle and turn off the turntable immediately it doesn't affect the fuse and...
  3. S

    Model #WMH1163XVS-4 Turntable runs whenever door is opened. Door switch or Relay?

    Hi experts! I have a #WMH1163XVS-4 over-range Whirlpool Microwave which recently started running the turntable the whole time that the door is opened. No error messages, no other problem with function. If it's running and I open the door it does turn off the microwave itself; just keeps the...
  4. T

    FIXED Microwave turntable makes clunking sound

    My microwave just started making a clunking, popping sound when operating. If I remove the turntable motor arm or turn the turntable off, it sounds fine (no unusual noise). It heats fine. What would be causing the motor arm to catch and clunk or whatever it's doing to make the noise? How can...
  5. X

    Microwave light and turntable both will not function

    One day a couple of months ago the light went out on my microwave. After a couple of weeks, I finally purchased a replacement bulb. After changing the bulb, the light still doesn't work. I also noticed that the turntable no longer turns, either. Not sure if they both stopped functioning at the...

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