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    GGQ9800PW1 Whirlpool Gold Ultimate Care II/ Not Heating

    Thanks for taking my question. I purchased my Whirlpool Gold Ultimate Care II Gas Dryer in 2005, in June of 2018, it stopped heating. A technician diagnosed the issue as "bad coils". He never completed the repair so I did. I tested the coils with a multimeter, the readings were as follows: 3...
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    LSQ9110LW0 Whirlpool ultimate care ii spin/agitator issues

    So I've got a couple issues I'm dealing with on an old washing machine. Model number LSQ9110LW0. Machine was leaking and leaving water in the bottom of the drum after cycles. I replaced out the water pump that stop the leaking problem but the machine still wasn't spinning properly. I replace the...
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    Ultimate Care II filling but not agitating nor draining or spinning

    Hi, My washer starts and fills fine on all temperatures. When it is filled the timer keeps moving or sometimes quits but the machine does not agitate. If you advance the timer it will not drain but you can get it to add water for the rinse cycle. It will not drain nor spin. it started last...
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    FIXED Whirlpool Ultimate Care II (GSQ9669LG0) doesn't agitate or spin

    My Whirlpool Ultimate Care II (model: GSQ9669LG0) doesn't agitate or spin. The water is filling fine. Once the water is filled, the agitator moves very slowly. When I move the selector knob to "Spin", the pump kicks in and drains the water. However, the tub itself doesn't spin at all (and...