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    2014 LG Top Load Washer WT1201CV UE Code on Spin Cycle

    Hello all, I have an LG Top Load Washer that always terminates the spin cycle with a "UE" code. The spin cycle will initiate, and once the timer counts down to around 10 minutes it will add more time and start filling the tub with water. This is presumably the way it tries to rectify an...
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    Maytag Neptune MLG2000AWW Washer can't balance larger loads in spin cycle

    I have a 15 yr old Maytag Neptune stackable unit that until recently has been bulletproof. Last month it started to stop mid cycle so replaced wax motor and control panel. That seems to fix everything. Now this week it is having a hard time balancing the load in the spin cycle. I took the...
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    WBVH6240 How to test shocks banging wet clothes on heavy load

    Hi group, we have a GE WBVH6240 it's about 2005 just replaced the control board a couple months ago bad power switch... The next issue we've had is on a heavy load like a blanket once it's wet I noticed the machine isn't spinning high speed like it does-rephrase that, it does but not always and...
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    GTWN4000M Clothes Tangled Around Agitator - Affecting Spin Cycle

    These are all new issues which began occurring a month or so ago. I appreciate any input you have. Thank you for your time. My GE top-load washer (GTWN4000M) recently began tangling clothes around the agitator. When this happens, it also usually doesn't enter the final spin cycle, so all the...
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    Samsung Washer WA400PJHDWR DC Code

    I have a Samsung washer WA400PJHDWR thats keeps throwing the DC unbalanced code. I have the checked the load. It is not unbalanced. I have checked the unit. It is level. I have checked the suspension rods. They are not worn. I have run the spin cycle in test mode. And it spins fine...