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  1. K

    FIXED DDT595SMJ0ES UI Board Part Number Confirmation

    I am having trouble with my User Interface Board, it is unresponsive and the main control board has a STEADY ON green LED. I have found a couple of posts with similar symptoms: Post 78436 and post 80234. I still need to perform the measurements recommended by these posts to confirm the board is...
  2. C

    GDF530PGM0CC GE Dishwasher - Quick Fix GE UI Board dead randomly turns on

    GE Dishwasher UI Board quick fix Remove the capacitor right next to the connector on the UI board. 220mf 25v. YES remove it , replacing the bad cap does not fix the issue. For all of those who have a dead UI board try this. It's a smoothing capacitor I'm assuming. No harm removing it at your own...
  3. T

    FIXED GE Profile Dishwasher - PDT825SGJ5WW - no display in the UI panel

    Hello Blog Team, My GE Dishwasher - PDT825SSJ0SS is like dead box.....no display in the UI panel. That may sound familiar since I styled it from kkchopra’s post about a similar model of 2 years ago, when you helped him quickly. I hope you’ll do the same for me, since dirty dishes are stacking...
  4. M

    PDT855SSJ0SS GE Dishwasher UI LCD Board Condensation

    Installing a new LCD UI (User Interface) Board on our GE Dishwasher (PDT855SSJ0SS) after finding condensation in panel about 2 weeks ago, then panel turned two different "tones" with one side being a darker shade than then the other (split 50/50), then the next day it was completely dead. I...
  5. R

    GE Dishwasher GDT655SSJ0SS No power on user interface

    GDT655SSJ0SS I have no power on the user interface. I have solid light on the control board. I have 14 VDC on the number 2 and 5 pins. I replaced the user interface but now I have a flashing light on the main control board and still nothing on the user interface. Any ideas?
  6. M

    Intermittent Control Panel Problem

    Dryer came with home so not sure of the age. The control knob was broken from the start and previous owner used pliers to turn control. Several months ago it started to lockup after a load was dried (lights on the panel on but pushing a button just caused a beep without change). If the cycle was...

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