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    Samsung Top Load WA48H7400AW/A2 No Hot Water

    Hello - We've been having issues with our Top Load Samsung Washer - WA48H7400AW/A2. I've done a ton of research here, but after trying everything suggested we're still having issues. Basically we're not getting Hot water into the machine even though shoes are correct, no kinks. etc. We've...
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    FIXED Whirlpool Gas Dryer LGR7646EQ3 Working Normally After Repair, Gas Smell When Not Running For Days

    This is a 20 year old Whirlpool gas dryer. About a month ago, we noticed that the clothes were still wet at the end of the normal cycle. It would create heat at the start of the cycle, but cut off after a few minutes. With a multimeter, I tested the thermal fuse, the dryer igniter, the gas valve...
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    Kenmore Range 790.74503 Gas valve seized and no longer available

    I have a Kenmore Dual Fuel Range Model range 790.74503. My front left burner valve is seized, and the little tab on the valve stem has broken off. The part number is 318087312, but it is no longer available. What are my options? The valve is seized in the closed position, so I can use the other...
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    FIXED GSC25C4EYB00 Whirlpool modular ice maker, no water. No continuity from V to N .

    I Have a W10122576 ice maker that never gets water. Testing continuity at points V and N on Ice maker I have no continuity at all. Measuring continuity at solenoid the yellow is 270 ohms and the red is 193 ohms. Jumping L and V does nothing. I monitored voltage across V and N after jumping T and...
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    PDW8480J01SS GE Profile dishwasher tub filled when not in use

    Hi, When my dishwasher is not in use, I see water slowing trickling out from the grey hole that is on the lower left wall of the inside the tub towards the back. When I shut off the main water supply, the water stops. Please advise how to fix this issue. Thanks, Elisa
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    RS25H5111SR Leak from tube connection in back

    Hi, My Samsung side-by-side refrigerator is leaking from a larger white tube in the back right where it enters what appears to be a 3 port, 2 solenoid driven valve. (Images are at the end of the post, though the left image is upside down -- the tubes enter the bottom except for the blue tube)...
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    Kenmore oven will not ignite

    We have been searching this forum but have not found an exact answer yet. Any help is appreciated. We have a Kenmore range model # 790.70609014 with a single burner in the oven (No separate burner for broiler). The stove top burners work fine but the oven will not ignite, the igniter does not...
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    FIXED Very low water pressure when filter present

    Well my refrigerator is giving me a double dose of fun lately. Within a short period of time, my ice maker puked and also we have very little (unusable) amount of water pressure from the water dispenser. The low water pressure started immediately following changing out a filter. I have always...
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