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    GE Profile Dishwasher Leak PBT650-660

    HI There Everyone! I have this GE profile PBT650-660 and I cannot figure out if my dishwasher has the active vent on it or not. I am 99% positive my dishwasher has a hidden vent inside of it and its not meant to leak out of this spot in my picture. If anyone has any insight into why its doing...
  2. P

    Kenmore Laundry Center 417.71732810 - dryer EF1

    I have an Sears 417.71732810 laundry center that I believe was manufactured in 2018 (serial number = 4E825*****), which appears to be the same as a Frigidaire FFLG3900UW5. This machine was converted to LPG (propane) with kit PCK3100. The dryer will fail (error code EF1) after 22 seconds on any...
  3. A

    KODE500ESS KitchenAid Double wall oven vent

    Just had a new KitchenAid double wall oven installed in kitchen remodel. The bottom vent seems to vent downward and heats up the bottom cabinet and cabinet pull. Is this a design flaw or an installation issue?
  4. K

    CVM9179EL1DS GE Cafe Microwave - exhaust issues; can't reset charcoal filter

    Friends, I'm back again with another issue. I have a GE Cafe microwave - bought 3 years ago. The exhaust is wired to recirculate, but the vent has stopped working recently. I figured the charcoal fiter may be an issue and replaced it. However, the reset filter button doesn't work now. The unit...
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    Maytag Dishwasher MDB8969SDM2 Left Side Leak

    Hello all, I have a brand new 5 year old Maytag that was finally installed about 2 months ago. Bought it as a set, remodel was pushed off, finally done now, and finally have dishwasher installed. Model Number is MDB8969SDM2. I have a "leak" on the left side of the machine and I found it because...
  6. H

    FGHD2433KF1 Flashes "er"

    Frigidaire Starts to fill, the vent opens/closes, opens/closes, then it stops filling and flashes er We start the dishwasher, it starts to fill, I can hear the vent opening and closing continuously then it stops filling. I set the latch so the machine would think the door was closed so i could...
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    Maytag dryer repaired, but feels hot

    Howdy, all. New to the forum, so be nice! :) Maytag dryer: HYE2460AYW Problem: My Maytag dryer seems too hot to touch in parts of the upper left above the coil. Only a small area feels hot. Most of the top feels normal. I'm not sure what the baseline normal is. So, i'm not sure if this is an...
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    Dryer will not heat up!!

    Hi all, I have an older Frigidaire dryer that will not heat up. It has been taking longer and longer to dry clothes and yesterday just no heat at all. It seems to be working fine other than that. Around 4 months ago I cleaned out the vent line and there was a lot of lint in the line which I...
  9. S

    Kitchenaid Fridge Display Panel Acting up among other problems including ice in bottom of freezer

    I have a Kitchenaid KSRS25ILWH02 side by side fridge. About three months ago I came back from 2 weeks' vacation and everything in the fridge was frozen. We opened up the fridge door for an hour, then everything seemed to be ok. About a month later there was water on the floor. I could see...
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    Steam dryer can vent to side; what about water inlet on side?

    Whirlpool Cabrio dryers can be converted to vent to the side, but for models with steam can the water inlet also be moved to the side? Are there threaded junctions in there, or would it involve a custom hack job? To get this sucker as close to the wall as possible I've had the sheetrock opened...
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    Dryer vent cap

    My dryer vent connects out through the back wall of my basement, and then up out of the ground in my back yard. I'm trying to remove the link from it. (First time in 20 years. :o) I've been able to clean the horizontal segment with a long stick, but I can't get to the vertical segment...
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