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    Whirlpool Vent less dryer WHD560CHW2 Stops working mid-cycle

    Hello, Very frustrated with this machine and wouldn't recommend a ventless dryer despite some of the nice features (gentler drying, softer clothes, no need for exterior venting). It just seems too poorly built. Recently I received some guidance on this forum to replace the drain pump assembly...
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    FIXED GE GFT14ESSM0WW Ventless Dryer Has no heat.

    I have a GE GFT14ESSM0WW ventless dryer, and recently it stopped heating. The owner's manual recommends checking the fuse/breaker because it still turns on and tumbles. I checked the breakers and they are operating properly. Searching online I've found mention of thermal fuses being the...
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    FIXED Blomberg (24" Ventless HeatPump Dryer) - Loud Noise on Dry Cycle

    we own a blomberg washer and dryer (WM98400SX and DHP24412W). they are a little over 3 years old. recently the dryer started making a loud intermittent noise during its dry cycle. The noise is not continuous, it will start and last 30 to 60 sec or more. When it first started the noise would come...
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    WHD560CHW Whirlpool electric dryers

    Wondering if any of you have any experience with these new vent-less heat pump dryers. I am a maintenance guy at a 240 unit midrise all of our apartments have their own laundry. Currently we are using WED75HEFW0 models. They are great only issues im having are more to do with poorly planned...
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    WED7990FW - 7.4 cu ft Ventless emitting loud noise

    Hello, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpLwKZXPICs&feature=youtu.be We took delivery of our WED7990FW ventless dryer Friday. After setting up the machine (installing power cord, drain hose, leveling, adjusting feet, removing packing, checking both lint filters, etc.) the instructions called...

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