1. K

    796.40518900 Kenmore Front Load Washer Pulsating Issue

    Our washer and dryer (Kenmore 796.40518900, front load, I believe made by LG) was just recently reinstalled in our house after ~2 years living unused in the garage while we renovated the house. Now that it's back indoors and connected to power and water, it works relatively well, but pulsates...
  2. M

    DVE45R6100C Samsung dryer High pitched rattling sound

    My brand new samsung dryer is making a high pitched rattling sound. When I put my hand on the side panel, it lessens. Any ideas what the cause is? Bad balance? Loose screws? I've only used it about 3 times. Please let me know your thoughts, thanks.
  3. V

    MAH6700AWW scraping during spin

    My MAH6700AWW, which was made at a Samsung plant, had the bearings go. So I replaced the front loader's bearings and seal, something I have done on other Maytag machines several times before. I noted that in this washer there was heavy mineral buildup on the outside of the basket. I examined...
  4. C

    WED75HEFW Vibration

    Just got a WED75HEFW dryer this week and it seems to vibrate too much for a brand new machine. The blower and motor are quieter compared to 12 year old unit it replaced, but the vibration causes a low rumble to the basement room below it. I have leveled it, placed Vibrafix pads underneath all...
  5. J

    GTDX200EM1WW GE dryer vibration while running

    GE residential dryer. Odd vibration when running. I have replaced the rear bearing which did not solve the problem. front bearing has been replaced recently. Idler pulley and tensioner and Rod appear to be in good shape. There is somewhere and cracking on the rubber mounts for the motor...
  6. S

    Samsung DV56H9100G Noisy Vibration

    We've had this dryer about 2 years. Recently it's started making a loud noise every time it runs, regardless of load or setting. As far as I can see, it's not touching anything it could vibrate against. Anyone know what the problem is or how to fix it? It's really loud and sounds like a...
  7. E

    FIXED FWT445GES1 Front-Loading Washer Excessively Vibrating during Fast Spin

    Hi everyone, I have a Frigidaire Gallery Heavy Duty front-loading washer >12 years old which has consistently provided excellent performance. Recently, however, the washer has sometimes begun to jerk and slightly move once on its plastic floor tray at the beginning of the Fast Spin, followed by...
  8. D

    MEDB880BW0 Maytag Bravos XL Vibration from Riser

    Hello, Ever since we got our (2nd) maytag bravos dryer, we notice a fairly loud vibration coming from the dryer. I bullet pointed a few facts about the dryer below and even did some basic troubleshooting to determine the root cause. I'm hopeful that the experts here can recommend a solution...
  9. M

    Whirlpool Washer Jerk/Wobble at Spin Full Speed Only

    Hi All.. This washer is level, and works apart from a fairly pronounced periodic wobble that happens only once the basket reaches full speed, shown in this video (wobble starts about 15 seconds in): Whirlpool Washer Spin Wobble - YouTube Washer has a brand new inner tub/balance ring/drive...
  10. S

    GE Dryer Loud Noise/Vibration

    DBRXR453EVW0W When I turn the dryer on (any setting), it starts and makes a very loud noise/vibration. Seems to be heating fine. Any suggestions on what the problem could be? Really would like to repair versus replace it if it is an easy/reasonable price repair. Appreciate any help...
  11. Dave_M

    New rumbling noise.

    After taking care of all of the repairs necessary for the screeching sound I was suffering a little over three (3) weeks ago, the dryer ran great for a few weeks but then developed an intermittent "rumbling" vibration when it runs. :wall: To recap the parts I replaced on the first go-around...