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    How To Test A Viking VUAR140D PW240028 Thermostat

    Hello, Is there any schematic on instructions to be able to test a PW240028 thermostat. I have just replaced this thermostat (new) and frig is still having the same issue. Before I buy another thermostat is there a way to test these units. Issue keeps pointing back to it, but just find it hard...
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    Viking VUAR140D Under Counter Beverage Refrigerator

    Hello, Model: Viking VUAR140D Beverage Refrigerator My refrigerator has just started freezing all my drinks. So, normally in the past with my beverage refrigerators it has always been the thermostat module (PW240028 (Viking) Refrigerator Thermostat Control Kit). I replaced it and seems to...
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    DCCG130 Viking Broiler/Oven Lights and Goes Out Immediately

    I purchased a Viking DCCG130 secondhand. It sat unused for approximately 6 months before installing it. The range works fine but the infrared broiler and oven have never worked. They each light with plenty of flame, but are extinguished within 3 seconds. Is this a fault of some type of flame...
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    VDSC560 Viking 60” Range w/2 convection ovens

    I have a +/-5 year old 60” Viking range with 2 electric convection ovens. The doors will not stay closed. Very annoying that we arre having this problem so soon. We have attempted to contact the company multiple times with zero replies. Is there anything I can do to them or do I have to spend...
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    Viking Range RVDR3305 heating element won't work

    Hey everyone, I'm wondering if anyone on here has any experience with replacing these heating elements on this model. There appears to be a very limited amount of youtube vids, and none of them look like this discontinued model. We moved into this house and found out later the oven was busted...
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    Viking Range VGIC53626BSS Oven Short-Cycling

    We just purchased a new VGIC53626BSS 36” Viking Open Burner Gas Range / Oven in early October. We didn’t use the oven much until Thanksgiving at which point I noticed that once it was up to the desired temp it would turn off (light and everything) and then about 30 seconds - 1 minute later it...
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    FIXED VDSC3054BSS Viking Range Top Not Lighting, Not Clicking

    Hi, I have a 30 inch Viking range model number VDSC3054BSS, in which none of the burners will light and they don't even click when I turn the range knobs. Interestingly, if I turn the electric oven thermostat on, the burners will click and light. Another bit of information is that the red...
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    Viking UVAR140 beverage center stopped working

    I have a Viking beverage center that has just stopped working. No compressor running...just the light so you can see it's not working. Turned dial up and down. Unplugged and replugged...nothing. I replaced the thermostat 2 years ago and it has been running fine since but now this. Ideas??
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    RDSCG230 Viking range igniter working intermittently

    Hi, I moved into a suite with a viking RDSCG230 (D3) range and the oven has been causing me some grief. The igniter often fails to ignite during the cooking process, usually 10 - 20 minutes after the desired temperature is reached (oven indicator light goes off to indicate this). It tries to...
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    Viking Side-by-Side Unit Identification Help (Water Filter replacement)

    Hello, I'm at my wit's end over here. I am simply trying to replace the water filter for my Viking Side-by-Side refrigerator unit. For some reason, a previous tenant must've taken the serial/model tag off the unit because it is nowhere to be found inside or outside of the fridge or freezer...
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    Viking Range Ignitor/valve issue

    Hello, my Viking range has new igniters but one of the burner stops throwing flames around 1 minutes after lighting. Both ignitors glow well but only one burner continues to heat up with flames. The other one has flames fading down after 1 minute or so and then stop heating up while its...
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    VDSC485-6GSS Viking oven won't heat

    Viking vdsc485-6gss. Bought it second hand and cleaned it up and converted from NG to propane. Love the size and space it has. Dual fuel is nice. Now the issue...the right side(bigger) oven wont heat at all. Right side works. I proceeded to scour the internet for possible solutions before...
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    FIXED Marvel/Viking VUWC151RSS Wine Cooler - Need SSAC Control Dip Switch Settings

    Marvel/Viking VUWC151RSS Wine Cooler The SSAC thermostat control (p/n: PW240028) has a four dip switch block on it. I need the dip switch settings table. If you have this information, please respond to this post with it. Note to site admin: add Marvel and Viking to the brand database.
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    Sourcing Run Capacitor -- Viking Wine Cellar

    I have a Viking 15in under counter wine cellar (their term) model 30WC-6501. I'm having difficulty sourcing a replacement run capacitor for this thing. It's unlikely I can get the exact replacement component for this 16yo appliance. But it is likely a spec-compatible capacitor will work, if I...
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    FIXED VGIC305-4BS Viking gas oven burners sputter or are very low

    I'm not sure if you guys analyze gas appliances but here old Viking oven was one day very slow to preheat. it seemed that one of the burner tubes was throwing full flame but the other would sputtter (especially when I opened the door) and die to nothing. removing the burner tube on the...
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    VGIC2454BSS Viking freestanding gas stove One burner is slow to click/ignite

    One burner is slow to click/ignite on Viking freestanding gas stove - Spark Module issue? I have a viking gas stove (24", 4x burners), and for one of the burners, the Spark Ignitor does not click as frequently or as early when I turn the knob. This has been a persistent issue for years, but...
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    VSG3054BDBK Factory Viking igniter vs generic

    My Viking 30” gas range broiler igniter needs to be replaced. The factory part (Pb040001) costs over $200. The same part on eBay or Amazon is about $20. Is there really a different in quality? Thank you!
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    VGIC3074BSS Viking Range - Inconsistent burner lighting

    We've had some recent issues with the gas burners lighting consistently. I cleaned the top and made sure there are no obstructions and then I opened the front panel and low and behold I found something that doesn't look too great. Can anyone give me the part # for that unit? Thanks in advance.
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    VCSB483DSS Viking 48" built in not cooling

    Viking built in refridgerator stopped cooling. After shutting unit down and restarting condensing fan come on but compressor not starting. Bad compressor?? Board?? Since fan comes on after initial start up I'm thinking compressor
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    VGSS300-4BDSS Viking Stovetop Ignitor Issue - stumped.

    Background: We bought a house with an older Viking, which my wife loves. One burner (#2) has never ignited, although the gas flows fine and can be lit with a match. Recently the other 3 burners all stopped working at the same time - no spark, but can be lit with a match, which is what we've...

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