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  1. J

    VUAR140 Viking professional beverage center

    Viking beverage center seems like it is not running when it should. Compressor is clean and free of debris. If I turn the dial to the off position then turn it up the compressor comes on. Unit will cool to approx 38 degrees but when it shuts off it doesn't cycle back to on. Temp raises to 58...
  2. B

    VESO107CSS Viking Oven Parts?

    I am trying to find parts for my slightly older Viking oven. It's not too terribly old. It was built in 2005. I cannot find any parts for this thing, not even on Viking's own site. The problem is I can no longer adjust the clock or the timer on it. It otherwise seems to work fine but I cannot...
  3. D

    FIXED VDSC3656BSS Viking range, How to remove oven door

    How to remove the oven door? There are no screws in the hinge to the door, but will not lift off? Thanks for help.
  4. M

    VGSC3676BSS Viking range ignition issues

    I just had a service call for a friend's 10 year old Viking range. Photo of the range top: https://imgur.com/HPNUhcj.jpg The main reason for the service was that the piezo ignition only works for the left rear burner. Secondary issue is the ignition continues to click even after the burners...
  5. T

    VGSCS364GSS Viking Oven Only Starts After Slamming Door

    Everything on our range works EXCEPT that the oven is finicky and won't start unless I open the door and shut it firmly. Even with that, sometimes we can't get it to start. When I say that it won't start, the oven acts as if I haven't turned it on. No clicking, no lights, no other audible...
  6. B

    VGIC305-4BSS VIKING Factory service manual please? Doing a complete refurb

    Hello and thank you in advance for your help in a project my wife thinks I'm crazy for doing.. I have begun a tear down to do a refurb on this stove. It's in good shape other than the friggin mouse poop I discovered in the burner box area. I have to replace the insulation between top of...
  7. J

    Replace 2 0+4 Spark Modules with 1 0+6 Spark Module in 6-Burner Viking?

    I have a 6-burner Viking stove which uses 2 0+4 spark modules (e.g. the PA020047 or Invensys U-67204-7). In other words, two outputs of one of the spark modules are unused. It seems silly, but that's the way it is.... One of the spark modules is now dead or dying. I've replaced spark modules...
  8. S

    Viking Oven Problem

    I seem to be having a problem with my Viking oven. In the last year, or two I've replaced the ignition (spark) module on the left side and one, or (I can't remember) both igniters in the oven and the broiler igniter - I have some experience with Viking repair! Recently, I've noticed that if I...
  9. J

    Viking 30" uneven oven temps

    I have an 8-ish year old Viking Gas range - 30" / 4 burner. The oven seems to preheat more slowly these days and has a hot spot in the back right-hand side (or maybe the rest of the oven has a cold spot. I have noticed a few times the broiler fails to light on the first try. Turner the oven off...
  10. J

    Viking oven does not bake; broil works

    The bake function for my Viking oven stopped working. The spark igniter sparks, but does not ignite gas. I cannot smell any gas as well. Any clues to what may be wrong? Is it the spark igniter? I wrote to a spare parts website, and they suggested the DSI board or the FJT valve. Any way I can...
  11. L

    Viking Dishwasher drains constantly

    Hi there. Viking DW drains constantly. I've checked for water in the pan. None. I've tested the float switch, it's fully operational. ALL the lights on the control panel are on. None are blinking. I've already replaced the main control board. It filled and washed briefly. Then reverted back to...
  12. J

    Viking Oven Condensation

    We finally got around to utilizing our new Viking range last night. Total gourmet dinner (heated up some frozen chicken strips and french fries). In any case, I noticed condensation forming on the glass of the door (between the two pieces of glass) - after a couple of minutes, it did go away...
  13. A

    FIXED VGSC306-4BSS Replacing Lights Switch on Viking

    Flush with confidence after getting the necessary help from Rick and VikTech to solve my Viking oven igniter problem I feel empowered to tackle the other remaining problem with the Viking range that was in the house I recently bought: a broken "Oven Lights" switch. Existing switch: The switch...
  14. G

    Viking oven inginor replacement and flame spreader

    Hi, I need to replace the ignitors in the base of my Viking oven (one is not working, so seems that it's a good idea to replace both at the same time). When I opened the base of the oven, I found the flame spreader was just lying on top of the burner (not screwed in to anything) and it had a...
  15. Z

    Viking worth fixing?

    While changing the face plate on my Viking range I inadvertently shorted something out near or on the oven control knob. The oven temp isn't right and the convection fan doesn't work any longer. The last time the service tech was here he told us not to use the self cleaning feature as the...

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