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    Vintage Hotpoint fridge

    I need help figuring what year this thing is and maybe also whats its worth...
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    1951 Westinghouse Frost Free Parts

    My teenage son is restoring a 1951 Frost Free Westinghouse and is desperate for a handle and interior latch and various other parts. We are using it as our only fridge at the moment due to space and have 6 kids 14 and under so we are all a little desperate for parts. It is currently staying...
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    1950s/1960s? Kelvinator refrigerator - need help with identifying door latch part

    I have a Kelvinator refrigerator door latch (see pictures) that I am trying to fix, and I am not sure what part I need. I believe it is a small metal piece that screws (there are two screw holes) into the housing of the refrigerator so the door can latch close. Any thoughts on the part and/or...
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    FIXED 1940’s Westinghouse Fridge Help

    Happy thanksgiving everyone! First time poster. I’ve found the threads very helpful thus far, but I’d like some specific help diagnosing a problem. I recently bought a non working 1946 ish Westinghouse fridge. Seller said it was working until recently. Plugging it in the first time I heard a...
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    1955 Vintage GE fridge cooling issues.

    Hi everyone! This is my first posting on this blog. I have read a few threads on here already that have proved quite helpful, so I thought I would try to get some more specific help. Here's the thread that has helped me the most and is the most related to my issue...

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