1. B

    Coldspot refrigerator year id and compressor replacement

    Hi, my name is Troy. I have two questions; 1.Can you help me identify the year of my refrigerator? It is a Coldspot 106.E9F-C1 serial no 728046B. 2. The compressor went out a week or so ago. It is locked up mechanically. I plan to repair or replace the compressor. I have seen video's of guys...
  2. D

    Vintage GE Wall Oven thermostat part # ID

    Hello, I am trying to identify the correct part number or substitute part numbers for a 1956 GE Wall Oven, model 1J501M. When I look at the existing thermostat it shows a number on the back side only, 281D857G 9. (Pic attached) Is this it? Seems very different from all thermostats I have...
  3. T

    Is this vintage Sears good?

    Model number C-968, I think made by Moffat/Camco. Someone giving it for free. How old is it? Is it reliable, easy to repair and easy to find part? I have Frigidaire range made in early 2000s, would the parts exchangeable?
  4. T

    Is this vintage dryer good?

    Sears Kenmore, unknown model number, extra capacity, heavy duty, fabric master. Being sold on craiglist for $40. How old is this and is it good machine? How easy to repair & find parts?
  5. J

    Vintage late 1950s GE j308 electric range heating element

    Hi there. My dad has an old GE hotpoint range with the model number J308T1WH126 on it. The bottom heating element went and I'm hoping to find one that could replace that. The one in there now is length-17in x width 20in and the distance from the prongs that get hooked up are 1 3/4in apart...
  6. HeberRichins

    1949 Vendo 39B Coca-Cola Vending Machine

    This is my Vintage 1949 Vendo 39 Coca-Cola Machine. Bought it from a gentleman in Lufkin, Texas for $500. Still runs, though it doesn't get cool anymore. It needs R12 Freon, problem is that it's not been serviced very much so there is no valve or place to insert it. It needs repairs to the...
  7. C

    Need model number for old range hood

    Hi, new to the forum. I have an old solid-state Kenmore range hood that was in my house when I moved in. The fan stopped working, so I investigated and found that it needs a new switch. I placed an order on Amazon for a switch that looks very similar and figure it may work. I’m posting this...
  8. D

    Vintage GE Electric Stove Age?

    I just bought a 40 inch 4 burner stove, I am having trouble find a manufacture date. I have looked by serial number and model number with no luck. Model Number J426006 WH 11 Serial Number SM 155036 I have searched on the GE website and tried to find a date of manufacture but the date given by...
  9. K

    First Vintage Appliance Project - 1953 Frigidaire RS-38

    Rescued this 1953 Frigidaire Thrifty 30 RS-38 Electric Range from the basement of an old house. The new owner of the place was going to bring it in for scrap, and I couldn't let that happen. Got it for next to nothing. I've never restored an old appliance before (any appliance really), but I...
  10. P

    Can anyone help me find this 1990 ge side by side?

    I'll include a few pics but this is the one that had the diagnostic and monitoring system. I had one a couple years ago and had to let go because of moving and relocating. Would be interested in buying another one if someone has one or could help me find one. I missed out one one for $75 in...
  11. P

    Vintage Hotpoint Refrigerator Model 12EB8-4 (1950?)

    I am starting in on a restoration of a Hotpoint refrigerator model 12EB8-4. This has been in the family since new. I have no documentation for it, nor do I know the exact year of production. I have found old newspaper ads showing this model during 1950. What are some good sources for parts?
  12. J

    Vintage 1959 GE Built in Oven Need to locate Bake Part

    I have a 1959 GE built in oven with the model number of J752S1BC. Recently the bottom bake coil stop heating up. For the life of me, I don't know where to find a replacement! Please help :) Thank you all in advance!
  13. M

    Vintage Westinghouse Refrigerator freon line repair

    I am attempting to preserve this vintage Westinghouse Refrigerator. It turns on and compressor is working, but I have a small leak in the freon line above the freezer box, so it does not get cold enough to store anything. The freon lines (2) are welded into the freezer box on the back top and...
  14. P

    Perfection Stove Co , Cleveland Ohio. 20" 4 Burner Stove?

    Hello folks I recently acquired a Vintage looking Perfection 20" 4 Burner Propane stove. It has an oven. I believe the burners work and the oven works however the oven is not accurate. Basically you need to cook with a thermometer in the oven. Anyways i am trying to look for info on these...
  15. H

    1950-ish Hotpoint Combination Fridge Help

    Hello, I acquired a nonworking Hotpoint fridge and I'm trying to decide what to do with it. It came with my house. I love it for the vintage look, but wondering if it's worth it to hire someone to repair. Ideally, I'd love to keep it and use it as a back up fridge and drink fridge. I suspect...
  16. J

    Desperately seeking - vintage chest freezer, min of 66” long interior?

    Hi all - I am currently in Albuquerque, NM and we are working on a film production. We are quickly approaching a scene requiring a chest freezer, pre 1986, that has one long compartment that is large enough for a person to fit in to. Min 66” long x 20-22” or so wide. There are surprisingly...
  17. S

    1956 Frigidaire Deluxe Refrigerator 5900444

    Hello! I ran across this beautiful item at a barn sale and it's an amazing find. It still works, has most of the original parts and isn't too beat up. One major thing missing though is the bottom handle. I'm going to restore most of this refrigerator but I can't seem to find the other handle...
  18. M

    GE Wall Oven JRP03G007BG faulty heating element replaced, bake no longer working.

    We have a GE wall oven that is having some issues. From what I could find I'm assuming this model is from the 1980's. The serial number is LR648735 G. We moved into our home about two years ago and this is the original oven that came with the house. We have not had any issues (besides...
  19. N

    1950s GE E11-K1 "The Liberator" element problem

    My home came with a 1950s-era GE electric range, and it's in remarkably good condition for a 50 year-old appliance. After much research, I discovered that my stove is a E11 "Liberator" ( - Page 10). I have a slight problem that's led...
  20. A

    1955 Kelvinator Refrigerator Insulation

    Im restoring a 1955 Kelvinator refrigerator and Im not sure what kind of insulation to use when I replace the original. On some videos I see people using spray foam(the same used on windows) but I see that its hard to get into all the spaces without having to drill holes on the back plus is...

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