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  1. K

    GE JCK1000DF3BB wall oven randomly died.

    It was working perfectly fine, then yesterday I was in the middle of cooking, turned the timer on the microwave at the same time (which shouldn't do anything) and the oven blew, just completely died. No sound, no blinking light, nothing. The panel is just black. Thought I might have blown the...
  2. A

    JKP07G004BC Wall Oven specs

    Hi. I am trying to find the specs (e.g. WxHxD) for the J KP07G004BC GE wall oven. I cannot locate anywhere online. Please assist.
  3. C

    GE 26" Vintage Wall Oven - Looking to replace the baking element

    Hey there, I'm looking to replace the baking element for my GE 26" vintage wall oven without having to completely replace it right now, however, I'm struggling to narrow down the correct part without first determining the exact make & model. Due to the age & dimensions of this oven, I'm hoping...
  4. F

    Need help identifying wall oven model number. Vintage avocado Whirlpool

    Family purchased a home and lost an element on a vintage oven. I'm working remotely trying to help them find the model number to replace. It looks to be a late 60's or early 70's to me. Family claims they have checked everywhere for the inspection plates but I cannot verify. I might be able to...
  5. G

    Model number old ge double wall oven?

    Hi, im trying to get the thermostat and heating elements for my wall ovens but the plate is gone with the model info :-(. i had taken it down before and think it was (model c2501av / 910 /serial scd35293 / outside 25.5' square inside 21x15" element 236 volts 3000 watts wb44x126) but the...
  6. C

    1957 Frigidaire French Door wall oven

    I have a 1957 Frigidaire French Door wall oven model number RBW 90. The oven has a sheet of metal that pops out in order to protect the cabinets etc. from getting too hot. There is a band that goes across the sheet that keeps the metal from going in too far. The band has the Frigidaire logo on...
  7. T

    Broiler malfunction on a vintage 1960's GE in wall oven model# JK140R3AV. Cannot locate parts.

    Hi cannot identify any parts for this specific model of wall oven. Broiler does not heat at all. Bake element works fine. The oven itself is original to the house and is in an avocado green with wood grain handle. Any info for replacement would be much appreciated. Tia.
  8. NickT

    Thermador 30 Inch Double Electric Wall Oven

    I have a Thermador Masterpiece Series 30 Inch Double Electric Wall Oven with 4.7 cu. ft. True Convection Ovens, Self-Clean, 13 Cooking Modes, Temperature Probe, SoftLight Lighting, 3 Telescopic Racks and Star-K Certified: Masterpiece Handles MSRP $5200 Asking price $3000 OBO I welcome any offers.
  9. A

    FIXED 1960s GE Hotpoint wall oven heating element

    I have a 1960s Hotpoint wall oven and the heating element is broken (cracked). I haven't been able to track down a replacement- any help appreciated! The model number is hard to read but I think I have it right at pv0018503, the cat no. looks like 10RJ65C. Dimensions of the current element are...
  10. J


    My oven stopped working and the code said it was the control sensor. The repair person came out, but not even the clock was working on the oven. The repair person said to send the control board to be repaired since Maytag and others no longer carry the control boards. Now the light in the...
  11. Jeza

    Buying Wall Oven or range/stove CONTROL BOARDS and RELAY BOARDS, NON WORKING or untested !!!!

    Thermador Jenn-Air Whirlpool Dacor Frigidaire Bosch DCS KitchenAid Maytag Viking
  12. R

    FIXED Older Amana Electric Wall Oven. Only has a warm (not hot) lower Bake Heating Element. Need Schematic Also

    Hello all: I have an older Amana Electric Wall Oven "Model AO-24SB". Manufacture # P85567-1S. Probably 30 years old. Some places it's called a "Maytag AO-24SB" model. The lower baking element will only be warm (not a hot red glow) when the oven in on bake. The upper broiler element...
  13. A

    FIXED JTP86SH4SS GE Oven Not completing self clean

    Hi I have a GE wall oven model #JTP86SH4SS which normally works fine, but when I try to use self clean mode; after a while it turns off and does not complete the self clean cycle. I am not sure which part to replace. This is a microwave/oven combo built into wall. Any help is appreciated, thank...
  14. A

    FIXED 790.42003605 Kenmore Pro electric double wall oven, temperature issues with the upper oven only

    Hi I am having temperature issues with the upper oven only. On display it would say 400 degrees but in actual ot would be far less than that. Maybe off by a 100 degrees. I have replaced temperature sensor already which did not help. Also it does heat up on bake and broil so it's not the heating...
  15. J

    1960 Vintage GE Wall Oven Broiler element

    Model Number: J752T1BC Brand: GE Age: More than 10 years I have an old (~1960) wall oven that's overall in pretty good shape, it does work but needs some repair, and I'm having some serious difficulty finding parts for it. The most important thing I need to fix is the broil element. The...
  16. J

    30+ year old Maytag Wall Oven slow leak at safety valve

    Hi all, I have a very old Maytag Wall over (30+ yrs old) like. It has a slow leak at the safety valve. (At least I'm assuming, the leak was pinpointed to that area). Unfortunately the safety valve is discontinued (7501P134-60). Would I be able to to purchase a different safety valve, say...
  17. L

    FIXED EW30EW65GS2 Electric wall oven won't hold temperature

    Oven will heat to set temperature, but then can't hold it. I have ohm'ed out the temp sensor, reads 1080. I am having this problem with top oven only. After the oven reaches temp, the heating lights osilate indicating both the top and bottom elements are heating. Any advice? Thanks!
  18. L

    French door wall oven circa 1957 Looking for information

    I'm looking for anyone that has the same french door wall oven (circa 1957) we have. I have some questions.
  19. G

    FIXED Walll Oven Bake Element Not Heating

    First time on a forum like this so sorry if something doesn’t show up correctly or I leave out information Jenn-Air wall oven-microwave combo. Model JMW8530CAB, made about 2003 Symptoms/Facts: Bake element doesn’t heat at all Broiler Element works fine Digital Display of temperature appears...
  20. B

    Jenn-Air W131W does not turn on

    Hello, My Jenn-Air oven does not come on. About a year ago the power was out to the house, the next day my wife pushed the Bake button and a Code F1 came up on the screen. I reset the breaker and the oven came on without an issue and worked up to about 4 months ago when it would not come on. I...
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