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    Electrolux wall double oven bake does not work broiler does

    Hi, Bake does not work in either the top or bottom oven. Broil, however, works in both. I have pressed reset on the thermal switch (fuse) and it did not fix it. Doesn't make sense both bake elements would go bad at the same time. Sounds like others have found the relays in the control board are...
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    Whirlpool RJM1870P Clock Timer

    I have a RJM-1870P 27" wall oven / microwave by Whirlpool. The clock stopped some time ago and I ignored it. However I tried to use the auto clean and decided it would make sense to look into this problem at this time. I couldn't get the auto clean to do anything. It never locked the door...
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    Jenn-Air unstable baking temoerature, Model Number plate missing

    I have a Jenn-Air double wall oven I bought used (Could be 10 years old or more). The model number sticker has been worn clean. It has stainless steel doors, is aprox 27" wide (OD) and has two sets of control knobs at the top. The top oven must be turned up to 450 to acheive a 350 temperature...
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    GE Electric Wall Oven - excessive fan noise

    Hi - I've got a GE built in electric wall oven. While it has always had an extended fan cycle (cooling the control panel, I think?), that fan has now begun to squeak loudly, and also seems to struggle a bit (e.g. pauses a bit at times). I could imagine that a replacement fan is in order...
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