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    GE GSS25LGMBWW Fridge/Freezer not cooling - Multiple tests, no luck on diagnosing!

    Model : GE GSS25LGMBWW Age: OLD 10+ years Hi, hope all is well. My GE fridge/freezer is not cooling properly, ice cream is turning into milkshakes and vegetables going bad incredibly fast. Freezer hovers between 23-34f degrees, and fridge side stays between 42-50f degrees. I bought a...
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    FIXED CFE29TSDCSS GE Refrigerator - Repair person stated we need a new redesigned GE duct tower assembly for $465

    Our GE side-by-side CFE29TSDCSS S/N RA510930 had a working freezer, fresh food compartment that was about 60 degrees and a sound like a failing small motor bearing. The "CFO" made me call a repair person rather than attempting the repair myself. The tech took out the shelves and drawers and...
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    GE French door freezer cold fridge not

    Have researched already and have some idea. Freezer is 0 or -2. Fridge is 55-65. Fan in bottom back runs. Fan in back of freeze runs. When I opened back water was melted in left side tube but none in right side tube Air does not seem to be making it up to the fridge. I took the back off the...
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    Warm fridge (freezer section ok)

    I have model number ED5GVFXVD05 Side-by-side fridge/freezer set. (5 year old Whirlpool) Fridge side started staying warm. Oddly, while I tested air flow from the damper vent (upper left, rear corner), I feel very little cold air flow into the fridge (fresh food compartment), with the freezer...