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    [FIXED] Freezer warm ... not working.

    I have a KitchenAid Superba KSRS27 side by side freezer/fridge that just stopped working. By that I mean the freezer started getting warm last night. I thought the door might have been left ajar- but this morning water not ice came gushing out of the ice dispenser. The freezer fan ( that blows...
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    ED5NHGXMQ00 - Ice Collecting in Refrigerator & Freezer

    Hello. I am requesting assistance for the following two issues: 1. Frequently, I need to clear the ice that forms in a vent that is on the left wall and two-thirds down from the top. I have found that when the ice forms in this area, the refrigerator does not remain cool. Once cleaned, the...
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    et20nkxzw00 refrigerator/freezer not cold enough

    Our fridge/freezer is no longer getting cold enough. I have recently read some threads on cleaning the dust from the coils so I used a vacume to clean them and behind the back lower panel that I removed. Their is a fan that is running down on the back lower side and to the left of that is a...