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    DVE45R6100C Samsung dryer High pitched rattling sound

    My brand new samsung dryer is making a high pitched rattling sound. When I put my hand on the side panel, it lessens. Any ideas what the cause is? Bad balance? Loose screws? I've only used it about 3 times. Please let me know your thoughts, thanks.
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    KDTE404DSS0 not heating nor drying

    Hello everyone, been researching the net all day today until I stumbled on this awesome forum. Been looking around and found a few things that I think are steering me in the right direction but I still need clarification. I run the diagnostic mode in my dishwasher and to be honest I am not...
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    WM1814CW LG Washer's Drum is loose

    Hi, My lg washer today started making unusual noises. Loud rumbling and banging mostly during the spin. I went to check and the drum it self was hanging down,and i could see a gap from the top, it look like its attached but not in place. I moved the drum around in all directions and it would...
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    Whirlpool NIGHTMARE

    I purchased a Whirlpool dishwasher model WDF510PAYS which never worked. Whirlpool sent out APPLE APPLIANCE out three to four times, and they were never able to fix the dishwasher. In addition, the serviceman brought his son out to the service call and never left any paperwork with my tenants...