wash plate

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    MVWC416FW0 Agitator and washplate loose

    I recently replaced the agitator because it wobbled even after tightening the bolt. The agitator and washplate now come loose after one load.
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    WT5101HV Wash Plate Not Releasing from Drive Shaft Spindle

    I have an LG WT5101HV Wave Force Top Loading Washer. I need to replace the Washer Drive Shaft and Shifter Assembly. To do this I need to remove the Wash Plate and Wash Tub. Clutch AEN73131403 I have been following a Repair Clinic Video. The specific spot on the video appears at approximately...
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    MVWX655DW1 Agitator/Washplate won't spin during wash cycle.

    Within the past two weeks we have been experiencing problems with our Maytag Bravo top load washer. Usually the agitator/wash plate will move during the Sensing cycle and then of course during the Wash cycle. Unfortunately this is not happening so the clothes appear to just sit there during the...
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    FIXED LG WT5001CW Spline on new clutch is the wrong size

    I ordered a new wash plate a few years ago and it fit fine. I had to replace the clutch assy. recently. Ordered the part and installed. It started the UE code so I figured the splines was stripped again (common problem) When I removed the wash plate, I discovered the spline on the new clutch was...