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washer banging

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    Whirlpool Washer WTW5000DW1 for liftoff

    I have read the reviews on this model being unbalanced. Any time mine enters the spin mode it starts rocking back and forth with the drum hitting on all sides and moving around the room. I did replace the suspension rods with the same model number kit from Amazon and it’s doing the same thing. I...
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    110.4767292 Kenmore 70 Series Washer - clank/grinding noise on spin

    Hello! I have a Kennmore 70 series model 110.4767292 top load washer that is making a clanking/hammering and grinding sound on spin. It works fine on agitate. The grinding-type sound has been going on for a little bit but everything was still working fine so I left it. Now the hammering started...
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    GE Washer GTW490ACJ4WS Basket bangs around when spinning/agitating

    So my GE washer recently exceeded the 1 year mark and unfortunately (as expected) all hell breaks loose. I have a 14 months old GTW490ACJ4WS top loaded washer that now sounds like a military delegation marching along the street with drummers and all. The machine are one of the newer ones that...
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    Samsung washer WA422PRHDWR/AA-02 Error Code DC

    Been having the dreaded "dc" code with my washer. I,ve had the recall done and now Samsung is dicking me around. I think its the suspension springs that need upgrading .It will go into "dc" error evene with cleaning cycle with only water in it. Am I heading in the right direction? Paul
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    Overhaul 15 YR/O Kenmore Front Loader - Model 417.44082400

    Our 15 year old Kenmore front loading washing machine has started vibrating during the start of the spin cycle and has a pretty loud "clanking" noise when it stops spinning. I'm guessing a shock absorber or spring needs to be replaced. Since that's got to mean some "open heart surgery" on it I...
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    110.27872600 Washer banging and walking on floor

    Hi; I have had the Kenmore top-loading series 800 model 110.27872600 washer for just over 10 years. I have repaired it twice before - once to replace the clutch, and the second time to replace the three suspension springs. Both of those repairs were done about 2 years ago. The problem now is...

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