washer not draining

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    FIXED WA456DRHDSU/AA Samsung Top Loader Washer will Not Drain and Spin

    I have a Samsung Top Loader Washer, Model WA456DRHDSU/AA, that the pump bracket broke off on, it fell off; the hose came off of the tub and of course water everywhere. I tie-wrapped the pump to try it out, but it didn't work, so I bought a new pump, including bracket. I installed it, but still...
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    110.20862990 Kenmore 80 Series washer wont drain, emits burning smell

    Hello - My Kenmore 80 Series washer stopped mid cycle with the tub still completely full. When I pulled the knob back to try and induce draining the knob made a consistent clicking/ticking sound and within 30 seconds I noticed a burning smell. The burning smell did not seem to be coming from the...
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    110.28882790 Clothes washer won't drain/spin

    I have a Kenmore 80 series clothes washer that won't drain or spin; however, it will agitate. I have verified nothing is clogging the hoses. The lid switch is still clicking and is completely intact (not splitting apart). My question is how to determine whether the problem is the drain pump or...
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    Maytag Model A511 - Spins, but won't dry properly

    I have a nice old Maytag A511 washer that has done me well that came with my first home purchase 3 years ago. This is the first issue I have had with the washer - It appears to be spinning at a high rate, however the clothes are soaking wet at the end of the wash. I put the washer back on...
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    FIXED WT1101CW OE error code on LG washer - won't drain, pump motor works when connected to outside source

    LG washer gets to spin cycle and won't drain. OE code is displayed. Manual says for safety reasons, washer will automatically drain in 4 minutes after OE code is shown. This did not happen. Drained the machine with hose & manually scooped it out. Checked drain hoses (at proper height) and found...
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