washer won't drain

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    Electrolux Washer EIFLS60JMB0 Won't Drain w/Clothes In Tub

    Good morning, I'm having trouble with my Electrolux washer draining. The machine will run and wash right up to the point where it's supposed to drain and stop. Here's the things I've done and noticed: 1. It will run a full cycle with nothing in the drum, including draining completely. 2...
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    110.88732791 Kenmore stacked - Washer fills with water and then stops, burning smell

    Aloha, My wife and I bought a used stacked washer-dryer (110V) that is kept outside, under an overhang (this is the usual way it is done here in Hawaii, where older houses were not built to accommodate laundry appliances). The washer-dryer worked fine for about four or five months until the...
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    Kenmore 70 series Washer fills up with water and then hums, nothing else.

    My washer will fill up with water perfectly normally but as soon as it's done it proceeds to make a humming noise. It doesn't spin, agitate, or drain but does not make the humming noise when it should be draining, just through every other cycle. At first I thought it just wouldn't drain, so...
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    FIXED LG Front Load Washer Not Draining

    I'm getting a message on my front loading washer that says 'Not Draining - Check Filter/Hose'. I wanted to check the filter basket and knew I had to drain the excess water manually with the hose first but when I pulled the plug no water came out. I used an air compressor to blow the line and...