washer wont spin

  1. K

    110.29522800 Kenmore Washing Machine Won't Spin

    It makes a sound like it's trying to spin but it doesn't spin. It drains the basket out fine and agitates the water but when it comes to the spin part of the cycle it makes a sound like its spinning but the basket doesnt spin. Can anyone help me please?
  2. J

    GE Washer Not Filling with Water & Unable to Start Drain & Spin Cycle

    Hi everyone, My GE washer came with my home and it's only been used for 8 months. About 2 weeks ago it stopped working properly. My machine doesn't have a serial number on it and the guy who sold me the house didn't have any paperwork for it which I realized only after the GE repair man came...
  3. A

    NTW4600YQ1 Amana washer not doing final spin

    I have an Amana NTW4600YQ1. It is working fine except when it's done, the clothes are soaking wet. When I watch it it says that it's doing the final spin. I hear a noise which i assume is the pump getting the water out. But it isn't spinning. It does agitate during the wash. I'm a novice so...
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    Whirlpool Direct Drive Taken Apart - Now What PLEASE HELP

    Hi, just a mom here trying to save money and do this myself. Here's how far I got - got motor and gearcase out in one piece and ran on spin cycle outside machine. Motor coupler turning and clutch is turning, but clutch not as fast as I would expect for spin cycle. When coupler was in machine...