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    Amana top load washer squeaks during sensing fill

    My washer makes this noise (video attached) only during sensing fill. After cycles start the noise stops. Note: The dryer is also on, so the thumping in the video is not related to the issue.
  2. P

    LG washer doesn’t turn on when touch panel is attached

    I have an LG WT7300CW 01 washing machine. At one point it began to turn on only when it wanted, and recently outright stopped turning on. I took it apart to take a look and deduced that when the front touch panel is attached, the thing would lock up and no longer work. I figured the issue was...
  3. S

    LG Washer WT7405CV Knocking

    My LG Washer (WT7405CV) is knocking as the drum/agitator move throughout the wash cycle. It is less than a year old and under the 1 year warranty. I have made sure the washer is level, that clothes are layed properly, and not overloaded. I submitted a warranty claim and LG is referring me to...
  4. C

    Whirlpool Washer wtw7120hw0 won't connect to internet

    My whirlpool topload washer, model wtw7120hw0, stopped working and became unresponsive during a cycle. I replaced the user interface panel and control board. Now it starts but gets stuck in sensing or spinning cycles. I think a software update may correct the issue, but I can't get it to...
  5. O

    Frigidaire Affinity water in a tub

    Hello, I have Frigidaire Affinity front load ATF6000ES1. It’s leaving lots of water at the end of cycle. First, I cleaned up coin catcher. After this it was working fine for few months. And then it happened again. And I replaced the water pump. About a week it was working good and now same thing...
  6. T

    GE Front Load Washer (GFW550SSN0WW) makes a racket on rinse cycle only

    Purchased in May 2020. About July/Aug 2023, it begins the rinse cycle very loudly when adding cold water, but is fine for the rest of the rinse cycle (including adding cold water after the first big blast). It is fine adding cold water for washing cold cycles (and medium and hot for that...
  7. M

    WF45M5500AP Washer stuck on spin cycle (video included)

    Hello, My Samsung washer gets stuck on spin cycle at around 6 minutes, keeps adding time and doesn’t end (or takes forever). I have tried resetting the breaker, have cleaned out the filter and checked the drainage hose for blockages (except for the part of the hose in the machine). At 1:38...
  8. P

    Maytag mvwb766fw0 wont complete a wash

    Went to run a rapid cycle in my maytag mvwb766fw0 and it ran for over a hour and a half and still showed no signs of stopping as the timer kept jumping around. I unplugged it for a few minutes and tried again and still the same thing. No error codes pop up either. Only thing else I can add is...
  9. M

    Whirlpool top load clicking/grinding noise during agitation cycle - Model WTW5100HW2

    My washer just started making a clicking/grinding noise during the agitation cycle. It will continue to wash, but the noise is unbearable. During the spin cycle, it is just a quieter clicking noise. I've attached videos w/audio of both cycles. Thoughts?
  10. S

    Sears/Kenmore Stacked Washer & Dryer 417.93872200 Year 2002

    I have an all in one unit - washer/dryer Kenmore Sears stacked unit, gas. The dryer is fine. The washer will run a load and then during the spin cycle not all the water will be removed and the clothes will still be wet. Wet enought that you can ring water out of them. I have replaced the lid...
  11. K

    WT1201CV OE Error

    I am getting error code OE from WT1201CV LG washer, and it is not draining the water. I tested the drain pump; it is showing 11 ohms and believe it is in good condition. How to test and measure the electric power output of circuit board to drain pump? Is another component which could create...
  12. R

    Whirlpool direct drive strange side to side movement in agitation

    Whirlpool direct drive strange side to side movement in agitation. Anyone seen this before I am familiar with these washers but I’m not sure what to try first for this. Many thanks for any thoughts.
  13. S

    LG WD100CK Sidekick Pedestal DE3 Error

    Getting an error code DE3, which indicates door not properly closed. This error code is intermittent and nothing is blocking door. I've ensured door seal is clean, nothing is obstructing the door. The sidekick/pedestal washer is a couple years old. Had service come out (Costco extended...
  14. S

    Brand new Electrolux washer (ELFW7437AW) not filling properly

    Brand new Electrolux ELFW7437AW washer issue, not filling with enough water I do not believe it is filling with enough water. We have done multiple loads: Normal Cycle, Hot Temp, Max spin. At start of cycle there is 47 min remaining. The first thing that seems to happen is the pump runs...
  15. S

    Maytag washer clicking noise MVWC400XW4

    Hello I have an older Maytag washer that clicks at the beginning of a cycle and runs but at times ends before the spin cycle. I have replaced the lid lick assembly and the problem remains. Any idea what's causing this? Thanks for your help!
  16. T

    Is this vintage dryer good?

    Sears Kenmore, unknown model number, extra capacity, heavy duty, fabric master. Being sold on craiglist for $40. How old is this and is it good machine? How easy to repair & find parts?
  17. C

    GE Washer GFW550SSN1WW H2O Supply error

    Our front-load washer is just under 2 years old, suddenly started getting the dread H2O Supply error. I checked the hot and cold supply lines and filters: good pressure, no debris or clogs. (Our water is not hard, and neutral pH.) BUT -- the Quick Wash cycle still completes fine, but only with...
  18. B

    GSQ9669LG Washer making high pitched noise during agitation - whirlpool ultimate care ii

    Hi, I just replaced the clutch on my washer and another new problem arose, it may have been there before but my wife doesn't remember. I really high pitched noise during agitation. Any ideas?
  19. B

    FIXED Service Manual for Samsung Washer WA52J8700AP - PC error code. When starting a cycle, the drum shimmies or shudders in an attempt to spin

    Does anyone have a link to the service manual for a Samsung Washer WA52J8700AP? More specifically I'm looking for the schematic of the motherboard to do some troubleshooting. I have PC error code. When starting a cycle, the drum shimmies or shudders in an attempt to spin. Then it throws an...
  20. J

    Need help with Kenmore Washer 110.22102310 series 400 - washer continues to cycle

    Hi! I think this has been addressed somewhere before (by Jake, no less) but I couldn't find the thread. Kenmore washer series 400 model 110.22102310. The washer continues to cycle, filling with water and won't stop until manually stopped. I think I saw it's a timer that needs to be replaced...

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