1. K

    MAV6300AWW Maytag Atlantis Washer Leaking from Bottom

    I'm not sure the exact model number of this washer, the manual says MAV6250 * MAV6300 * MAV7200 * MAV7257 * MAV7258 My mom called me up to try and diagnose her washer. Symptoms are reported as a loud squeaking during certain parts of the cycle (which ones I'm not sure) and finding water on...
  2. S

    Lid message on GE Washer GTW755CPM1DG

    I have a washer that is displaying the "LID" message and will not start a cycle. What are the possible causes of this?
  3. L

    Code 11 on Electrolux Washer EFLS627UTT

    I'm getting an E11 error code on my electrolux front loading washer. I've checked the water lines and the inlet filters and water pressure is fine and the inlet filters are clean. Washer works on rinse cycle and cleaning cycle, but not on any of the washing cycles. Water does not enter the...
  4. J

    FIXED A183 Maytag Won't Spin or Drain - Serial 106390VE

    Hello! My ancient Maytag won't spin or drain. It fills with water just fine. I replaced the pump and drive belts, and it didn't fix it. Then I replaced the whole motor and still no dice. when I move the wheel attached to the motor by hand, it spins the drum and pump just fine. My next thought...
  5. A

    FIXED GTW485BMM0WS GE washer Personality

    Hello! Ge Washer, model GTW485BMM0WS New control board was installed on unit; control did not come with personality profile paper; apon looking up the mini manual, the washer says it needs to be programed to personality 10. Using step 17 on mini manual I went through the steps of changing...
  6. C

    Samsung Washer WF45M5500AW/A5 AC6 Error

    Hello, I have a Samsung WF45M5500AW/A5 that stopped working mid-cycle showing an "AC6" error code. After resetting the machine, it will power on and proceed to fill in short bursts(water fills and stops in 1-2 second intervals) without progressing any further through the cycle. It is my...
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    MLG2000AWW Neptune Stack Unit (Gas) - Washer Door Boot Seal

    I bought a used MLG2000AWW Neptune stack unit and it needs a new washer door seal. Wondering if anyone has a used one they'd like to sell? Trying not to spend another 125$ for one. Paid 200$ for the stack unit and everything works but the door seal is pretty bad. Thanks. Part Number...
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    Kenmore 500 series washer 110.29522800 “choke” clothes

    Hello, I need some advice on issues related to Kenmore 500 series washer (Model #110.29522800). First problem is that the agitator “choke” clothes while washing them. To put it clearly, the agitator squeezes and entangle them around the agitator base. When it happens, it is very hard to free...
  9. M

    Maytag Washer MVW7232HW0 stuck on Add Garment

    My Maytag MVW7232HW0 is stuck on Add Garment - there are clothes in the washer, when I try to start a cycle, I get an 'Add Garment' message. I can then open and close the door, the washer indicates that I should press start again to start the cycle, but when I do press start again - Add Garment...
  10. B

    E41 error code Frigidaire Washer LTF7000ES0

    Hello! I have a Frigidaire affinity washer, even when door fits tight I get "dr" error or code 41. I've replaced door latch switch before and the washer worked fine for months, but this time around the new door latch assembly didn't change anything and I still get "dr" error. I believe its...
  11. J

    GTW460ASJ2WW GE Washer- several issues

    Hello, I have a variety of issues with my GE top load washer. Hoping I can fix it, so I don't need to purchase a new washer. 1. Today, I did two loads of laundry without an issue. On my third load it will wash, agitate + drain, but will not spin. When this happened, I turn the knob to "drain...
  12. J

    Kenmore washer 110.24952300 making grinding noise and won’t spin

    I’ve torn this thing apart, and all ready either checked or replaced, motor coupling, Agitator dogs, clutch, transition. It might be the basket drive. How would I tell? Corrected model number
  13. D

    Maytag Washer SAV2555AWW Idle Pulley Lever

    Started taking apart this maytag to clean it up, and noticed a busted idle pulley lying on the ground! I'd like to replace the belt and pulley with something like the 959P3 kit, but I worry the same thing will happen again down the line. The motor mount in my washer has no cutout to...
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    WF45K Samsung Washer spins perfectly in diagnostic mode, but not when running washing cycle

    Hi - I have a Samsung WF45K front loading washing machine. The machine won't spin after the wash cycle when I run it. It usually stays stuck at 6 or 9 minutes, keeps rinsing, but just never launches the spin cycle. Eventually, it will give me the Ub (unbalanced load) error code. Here is my...
  15. Y

    Maytag Performa Washer squeaking noise and a burning smell

    Hi I have a Maytag Performa that's at least 10 years old. Last week, it started to make a squeaking noise and a burning smell. Today, It filled with water and stopped and the burning smell was very strong. Please help me identify the problem or should I go buy a new one?
  16. K

    FIXED GE Washer WCVH6400J0WW - won't run through cycles properly, error code 54

    Trying to help my mom fix her washer, front loader, model # in title. She called me up saying it wouldn't fill with water. The symptoms I observed are when attempting to start any cycle: the door locks, it makes a couple of faint clicks, then it sounds like the drain pump runs for a few...
  17. M

    WF56H9100AG/A2 Samsung Front Load Washer displays 4e

    Hello. I am new to the forum and I have a Samsung Front Loader model WF56H9100AG/A2 Washer. When it is on the wash cycle the display shows a 4E. This happens when it is about 3 to 4 minutes going through its wash cycle. I have made sure all filters are clear of debris, which includes the Cold...
  18. R

    GTWN4250M1WS GE Washer - Makes a racket spinning, Should I replace everything?

    I have a GE top loading washer GTWM4250M1WS. It makes a racket spinning. I'm going to attempt changing the WH38X10017 Shaft and Tube Assembly. Am I correct in assuming this is the more likely faulty part? I'm not confident I can just do the bearings part of this. And I can get that part for...
  19. B

    FIXED GE Washer GTW460ASJ8WW - will not turn on after control board replacement

    -GE topload washer has always worked well. I think about 5 years old, could be more like 6 or 7 years old. -I stupidly tried to wash pillows. Pillows heavily laden with water, I tried numerous Drain/Spin cycles to no avail, always unbalanced, would start drain and spin but could tell load was...
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    LG Front Loader Washers - WM3400CW vs WM4000HWA

    We have decided to buy an LG front loader washer and dryer. Does anyone know the actually benefits of the WM4000HWA over the WM3400CW? The 4000 washer and dryer are over $250 more than the 3400......is the extra cost worth it? Thanks!