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    WTW5700XL2 Whirlpool Cabrio H2LOW agitate

    Hey all. We have been using the washer for a while and it has never worked right. Always goes off balance, even with 2 items in, but that is the least of our concern. It goes through the entire cycle, spins fine, fills and drains fine and sometimes it agitates but not always and never enough...
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    110.26902692 Kenmore Washer makes chugging noise before rinse

    This washer will fill and wash ok. When it stops to switch over to the first drain and spin/rinse, the agitator will partially turn and make a clicking sound. I have attached a video. It will spin fine if manually put into spin. Thanks for the help!
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    110.46462501 Kenmore Washer cycle won't start

    Hello, My 110.46462501 Kenmore cycle won't start. After I push for the load to start, the door locks (I hear the click) then nothing happens/the cycle won't start. I was troubleshooting with the manual and did the following error code test: Select any one key (except STOP) follow the steps...
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    WSLS1100H0WW GE Spacemaker washer won't spin

    Hi All, hope you can help. Recently our GE Spacemaker washer (model WSLS1100H0WW), stopped working on the spin cycle. Seems like the machine is in good shape for 9+ years of service. Everything else works. Agitate, drain etc. but the clothes are still soaking wet at the end because it can't...
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    MVWC565FW Maytag washer makes click noise when switching to ‘wash’ light

    Sorry if I’m posting the wrong way , this is my very first post . My Maytag washer fills up with water , works fine until the light switches to wash light cycle . It seems as if the agitator is not engaging properly . It drains and spins just fine . I’m attaching a video in hopes that it helps...
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    MCSTCW20W4 Magic Chef Washer F8 Error

    My magic chef washer is giving me an F8 error when I try to run it. It does not appear to be draining the water from a previous small test load (haven't even run the washer yet), and the drain hose is attached correctly, without kinks, and at the right height. The water hoses are attached...
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    Inglis Washer Burning rubber smell, can’t locate belt

    Hello I have an Inglis by whirlpool washer which I can’t find the model number on, even after tearing it apart, pictures included and I have unbolted the motor which only drops about an inch however I can’t locate the belt nor see any sign of it. But after unbolting the motor and plugging it...
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    LG washer making rattling noise during the first 5 minutes of the wash cycle, then works fine

    Washer makes loud rattling/grinding noise every time during the first 5 minutes and after that the noise goes away (see video at ). There are no issues with the tub spinning. i.e. the washer does complete washing the clothes properly as long as the load is light. If the load is heavy then washer...
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    Maytag Washer LSE7806ACE no longer fills with water

    My washer was working fine until one day, it stops filling with water and hence the washer is not working. As an alternative, we filled the washer with water from an adjacent sink and washer works for the 'Wash' cycle and then again stops at 'Rinse' cycle. We make it run again at 'Rinse' cycle...
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    Asko W6461 stops mid-cycle, no error displayed.

    Hi again, The same guy who asked me to repair the fridge also has a failed Asko W6461 he bought in 2005. This is a higher-end, horizontal drum machine. According to him, it has suddenly stopped working properly, not completing cycle, but not displaying any error either. Frustrating. He...
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    WT5101HV Wash Plate Not Releasing from Drive Shaft Spindle

    I have an LG WT5101HV Wave Force Top Loading Washer. I need to replace the Washer Drive Shaft and Shifter Assembly. To do this I need to remove the Wash Plate and Wash Tub. Clutch AEN73131403 I have been following a Repair Clinic Video. The specific spot on the video appears at approximately...
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    FIXED GTW460ASJ4WW GE washer will run 10 seconds, then shuts off the control

    The unit will run for about 10 seconds (sensing and spinning) then shuts off the control and quickly shuts on again but remains idle. I suspect the hall sensor is bad, but can not find any specifications on the part. part #WH12X26329 Thanks in advance!
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    110.28902790 Neverending rinse cycle on Kenmore 90 series

    Hi there! So I have an old 90 series washing machine that's started to get intermittent washing success. What sometimes happens is that it gets stuck midway through the rinse cycle and instead of proceeding to the spin cycle it will just pour water down the drain- sometimes all night and until...
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    WF42H5200A2 Samsung front load washer tub support

    Hi, I have a question (a couple, actually) about the internal support of the wash tub in this (or perhaps any) Samsung front load washer... From what I've seen, the tub has 6 points of support. On top it hangs from two springs, one on either side of the main cabinet. On the bottom of the tub...
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    FIXED WHDSR315D0WW GE Clothes Washer leaking water into tub

    I have an older low end top loading GE clothes washer (about 15 years old). When the washer is not running, water leaks into the tub. This happens when the electricity is plugged in and when it is not plugged in. Only the cold water leaks in. The hot water does not. From everything I’ve...
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    GE WPRB9220D1WW starts, fills and does not drain

    Upon plugging in a newly bought USED washer. My GE WPRB9220D1WW beeps when plugged in for the first 5 seconds then starts to fill. None of the lights come on. I only let it get about half full until I unplugged it. The power button, and stop button do nothing to stop this. It just keeps...
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    Maytag washer LAT9314AAE Agitator running when it fills, also fills in spin cycle

    Hi I have a older maytag top load washer LAT9314AAE. The agitator starts working while the mashine is filling with water on start up. It will also fill with water on its spin cycle. It does this on all cycles. Thank you Ian
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    VBXR1090DBWW Hotpoint Washer Intermittent Drain. Have to turn off and on to drain.

    My Hotpoint washer doesn't drain completely in either cycle. It drains about half way and then stops. I have to turn off the washer and wait 3-4 minutes and then pull the knob to restart drain cycle. It drains for about 10 seconds and then stops again. This continues until it has completely...
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    796.3151 Washer won't fill - pressure switch?

    My 5 year old Kenmore Elite Top Loading won't fill. I may have narrowed it down to the pressure switch but want someone more experienced to confirm for me. I had read online that when I connect my multi-meter set for resistance to these two outside terminals (as shown in photo) I should get a...
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    LWS34AW Speed Queen Washer Tub Seal

    Im Looking for a tub seal for the a Speed Queen washer It seems the part has been discontinued and I was wondering if there is a alternative part. The original part# is 40016101. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you.