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    LG WD100CK Sidekick Pedestal DE3 Error

    Getting an error code DE3, which indicates door not properly closed. This error code is intermittent and nothing is blocking door. I've ensured door seal is clean, nothing is obstructing the door. The sidekick/pedestal washer is a couple years old. Had service come out (Costco extended...
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    Brand new Electrolux washer (ELFW7437AW) not filling properly

    Brand new Electrolux ELFW7437AW washer issue, not filling with enough water I do not believe it is filling with enough water. We have done multiple loads: Normal Cycle, Hot Temp, Max spin. At start of cycle there is 47 min remaining. The first thing that seems to happen is the pump runs...
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    Maytag washer clicking noise MVWC400XW4

    Hello I have an older Maytag washer that clicks at the beginning of a cycle and runs but at times ends before the spin cycle. I have replaced the lid lick assembly and the problem remains. Any idea what's causing this? Thanks for your help!
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    Is this vintage dryer good?

    Sears Kenmore, unknown model number, extra capacity, heavy duty, fabric master. Being sold on craiglist for $40. How old is this and is it good machine? How easy to repair & find parts?
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    GE Washer GFW550SSN1WW H2O Supply error

    Our front-load washer is just under 2 years old, suddenly started getting the dread H2O Supply error. I checked the hot and cold supply lines and filters: good pressure, no debris or clogs. (Our water is not hard, and neutral pH.) BUT -- the Quick Wash cycle still completes fine, but only with...
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    GSQ9669LG Washer making high pitched noise during agitation - whirlpool ultimate care ii

    Hi, I just replaced the clutch on my washer and another new problem arose, it may have been there before but my wife doesn't remember. I really high pitched noise during agitation. Any ideas?
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    FIXED Service Manual for Samsung Washer WA52J8700AP - PC error code. When starting a cycle, the drum shimmies or shudders in an attempt to spin

    Does anyone have a link to the service manual for a Samsung Washer WA52J8700AP? More specifically I'm looking for the schematic of the motherboard to do some troubleshooting. I have PC error code. When starting a cycle, the drum shimmies or shudders in an attempt to spin. Then it throws an...
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    Need help with Kenmore Washer 110.22102310 series 400 - washer continues to cycle

    Hi! I think this has been addressed somewhere before (by Jake, no less) but I couldn't find the thread. Kenmore washer series 400 model 110.22102310. The washer continues to cycle, filling with water and won't stop until manually stopped. I think I saw it's a timer that needs to be replaced...
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    Maytag DW MDB4949SDM2 - Rinse cycle has water, then no water midway through

    Hello All, hope you are well. Pre-apology if this is long and winding. Never know what little detail might tip someone off to the cause! Our MDB4949SDM2 recently started this issue...though now we think it may have been happening sporadically for some time. We’re used to a little oddity from...
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    FIXED GE WBVH6240 stopping on heavy loads, testing questions

    Hello group, we have an older 2009-2011 GE WBVH6240 front load over the years, I have replaced the shocks, springs, belt, switch and control board then found out I did not select the machine on the new board. On machine testing (in the test modes) it never has an error but in real life, if we...
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    Side-Loaded Samsung Washer WF42H5000AW/A2 Won't Spin

    We had issues with our washer not spinning before. Cleaning out the filter on the bottom left usually helped get it started again, but this time around it hadn't worked. We were initially getting the 3E2 error code which indicated it was the Drive Motor Stator and Rotor Assembly DC31-00112A...
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    Samsung WF337AAG/XAC main pcb

    Hello, brand new to this forum, looking for some guidance. I have read online, watched videos, and searched this forum before coming here, as well as a few people I know irl who had the same issue ... kind of a last resort here. Our Samsung wf337aag washer has worked fine for 10ish years. in...
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    FIXED Noise from drain pump and not draining - WM4270HVA

    We started receiving an OE error on our LG WM4270HVA washer which advises the machine is not draining properly. The pump is also making a loud noise so I removed the filter and there was a color sheet (sort of like a dryer sheet except for the washer) in the drain filter. I removed that and...
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    MCSTCW16W4 Magic Chef Washing Machine Clicks/Squeals On Rinse Cycle

    Hello Everyone, Model MCSTCW16W4 1.6 Cu. Ft. We replaced the suspension rods on the machine and the rumbling went down but the clicking and squeaking is still very loud (see video) on the spin cycle only. Do you guy have any idea what it can be? Thank you in advance!
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    Water issues - Doing laundry with cold water only and do not need the hot water.

    Doing laundry with cold water only and do not need the hot water. I've disconnected the hot water hose from the hot water supply and wanting to use only the cold water inlet. when I start the washer, water comes out of the hot water side. Do I need to cap off the hot water inlet?
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    FIXED MVW565FW2 Agitator not working, but works on spin cycle

    Hello, I am writing this post to shout out Jake, who has replied to everyone and general help has allowed me to locate my problem. My 2 year old Maytag washer was not agitating on wash cycle. (droning motor noise and only clicking heard when in wash cycle) I propped lid and observed with screw...
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    Samsung Washer WA50M7450A leaking between water hose and dispenser

    Hi. My washer is dripping water from the back panel, right underneath where the hot water enters. Water is leaking from the blue thing above it, as pictured. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Kenmore Washer 110.26002012 Clunking noise when spinning

    Inner spin barrel makes a clunking noise when spinning, slowing down its real noticeable. Link below is pic of model and bids of noise. https://photos.app.goo.gl/zWjJPNxGvQajgwJr7
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    FIXED Whirlpool Duet Washer GHW9400PL4 error code FH - Jake, please help!

    Hi, sorry to call you out but I've been reading these posts for days and Jake you seem to be the Man! Anyway, it's the Whirlpool Duet Washer GHW9400PL4 error code FH. I did the diagnostic test (after disconnecting every hose and filter and wire and cleaning and plugging back in. Nothing was...
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    GE Washer GTW750CSL1WS - H2O Supply Code, after water valve replacement

    Our washer has been flashing the 'H2O Supply' error code during every cycle. We were able to workaround that for a little bit by just starting the cycle again. Then after water began leaking into the tub (even when off) I went ahead and replaced the water valve. It actually got to the point...
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