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    Maytag ensignia washer problem

    Hey everyone at Repair clinic. I am a appliance repairman so I don't like to look stupid in front of a customer and say I don't know whats wrong so im not fixing your washer......so I came here first. Someone called a week ago and said their washer was making a weird burning smell and going off...
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    FIXED Whirlpool Ultimate Care II (GSQ9669LG0) doesn't agitate or spin

    My Whirlpool Ultimate Care II (model: GSQ9669LG0) doesn't agitate or spin. The water is filling fine. Once the water is filled, the agitator moves very slowly. When I move the selector knob to "Spin", the pump kicks in and drains the water. However, the tub itself doesn't spin at all (and...
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    Kenmore 70 Series Speed/Agitate only on Heavy Duty not on hand wash, slow, or normal

    Kenmore 70 series mod #110.20722990 ser # CJ 3858566 Speed/Agitate only on Heavy Duty it does not work on hand wash,slow or normal (makes noise) Any ideas? Thank You
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    Washer does not spin

    This washer has been spinning slow or not spinning after extra rinse for a while. Tonight when I went down to get the clothes out of there they were soaked after a normal cycle. I set it to spin again, and it started making pumping noises and spinning very slowly but not water came out of the...
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    Frigidaire FTF530S1 makes an extremely load jet sound during spin cycle.

    My FTF530FS1 front load washer is 2 years old and now makes extremely load jet engine type sound during spin cycle. It's so loud during the peak of the spin cycle that you have to cover your ears. The washer was out of level but is corrected. Maybe to late? We really haven't abused it but this...
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    Maytag washer stopped and won't drain!

    My washer froze up in the middle of a load, completely full of water. I had to pull out my clothes and finish them at a friend's house! My landlord is out of the country for a week, so I can't get a repair person in until he's back. Is there a way to at least drain it if not to actually fix it...
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    FIXED Kenmore model # 417.99570140, Washer/Dryer combo

    This Kenmore model # 417.99570140, Washer/Dryer combo came with the house when we bought it 7 years ago. It stops after the first spin cycle. The tub doesn't drain, it doesn't spin, just sits there with an electric burning smell? I installed a new timer and no change. Any help would be...
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    Washing machine stops agitation and leaves clothes in water

    I own a Maytag SAV4655EWW washing machine and lately it will stop agitation and leave clothes in water. We've tried unplugging it and plugging it back in, opening and closing the lid but once the agitation stops it will not restart on it's own. This morning the first two loads washed just fine...
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    FIXED Whirlpool not spinning when clothes are in washer

    Had a load in the washer. The washer was agitating fine but when it came to spin, the motor was humming but the tub wouldn't turn. There was even starting to be a burning smell, which I think was the motor trying to get things turning but being unable to. Clothes came out still soaked. I took...
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    FIXED Click, Click, Click....during agitation

    Washer spins and moves thru cycles fine, however I hear a click, click, click during the agitation cycle. The agitator is moving clockwise albeit a little slower I think, but the agitator dogs are fine. I also noticed a slight dimming of the lights each time I hear the clicking sound. From...

    FIXED Cabrio washer makes a grinding, buzzing noise when draining sounds like a stripped pump motor

    Jake, My Cabrio washer makes a grinding, buzzing noise when it's draining; sounds like something is stripped. It does not make the noise when it initially fills so I am thinking that it is possibly the drain pump or the re-circulation pump. It still drains at the end of cycle. Can you tell...
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    FIXED Kenmore Series 80 Washer won't agintate or spin.

    My series 80 washer fills with water but when it finishing filling and starts the wash cycle it just starts buzzing. Sounds as though something is spinning but just not engaging. Does not spin in rinse cycle either but will drain.
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    Kenmore Washer not draining

    Model 110.46462501 I cleared the drain plug -- re ran a load and the all the lights come one 1 3 5 and all the dial lights -- the tub is full of water. Not sure what to do any help would be greatly appreciated Stu
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    Whirlpool WFW9500TW03 the fuse blows when starts

    HI, i have the Whirlpool WFW9500TW03 i replaced the MCU and the outlet blows (shorts) when i start the washer i disconected the harnes to the motpor then it wont short do i need a new motor ??? i tested the motor the contnuity reading where fine ???:(
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    Maytag MAV7650 - Violent Spin

    I am a new to this blog, so thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide! I have a Maytag MAV7650 that will agitate and spin slowly, but becomes increasingly violent as the spin speed increases. I first noticed a problem when the clothes would come out wet after a wash. I thought it...
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    Frigidaire no high speed spin

    I read a few posts on this forum and they are helpful. But, I am not sure how to go about diagnosing my problem. I thought that I would try the door latch first, because it seemed consistent with some of the posts and is less expensive than the motor or the speed control board. I just bought...
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    Black grease stains on clothes and noisy washer

    So I have been reading around these forums and I wanted to post here for confirmation. Our clothes are getting ruined in our washer with black stains and smudges all over them. It looks like grease stains. Also, my washer sounds like it is about to take-off and fly the friendly skies during...
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    FIXED Whirlpool Washer WFW9400 front loader F11 error code - passes diagnostic

    First off, props to this forum and website, it has helped me debug my current issue more than I could have imagined with helpful links and pictures. I have a WFW9400SW03 Whirlpool washer that is barely 1.5 years old. I got an F11 error code about two weeks ago and started searching online to...
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    FIXED Kenmore Series 80 Washer does not start cycle

    I have a Kenmore Series 80 Washer (model 110.25852400) that fills up the water, but then does not start a cycle, spin, or anything else. The water just sits there. Any thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated. Samir
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    Washing machine is leaking

    The washing machine is leaking from the bottom after it finishes washing a load of laundry. How do I fix it?