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  1. T

    FIXED Kenmore Elite top loading washer - high whine noise

    I have Kenmore Elite washer not sure of the model #, but it looks just like this one on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GL3I-NDdE8 A few weeks ago, it started to make high pitch whining noise during washing, and spin cycle. The loads finishes without any other issues. The noise is...
  2. S

    Samsung Washer WA400PJHDWR DC Code

    I have a Samsung washer WA400PJHDWR thats keeps throwing the DC unbalanced code. I have the checked the load. It is not unbalanced. I have checked the unit. It is level. I have checked the suspension rods. They are not worn. I have run the spin cycle in test mode. And it spins fine...
  3. jbird68

    Washer Drive Pulley Broken??

    Recently the drive pulley fell off of the shaft. I was able to put it back on but noticed something that I didn't think looked quite right. On the bottom of the Drive Pulley (P/N: 2-11059) it looked like part of the casted area had broken off. I think it is a tab of some sort that acts like a...
  4. M

    Kenmore HE3T Washer Issues

    Hi, Here is a little back story leading up to the issue at hand. My Kenmore washer (model: 110.44921.300) is a little over 10 years old. We have had zero issues with the washer up until this past month. This past month we had an issue with the drum not spinning at all. After reading the...
  5. L

    FIXED Maytag LR code - does my washer have 10 year warranty on motor

    I have read on various sites that some maytags come with a 1 warranty, but the motor has a 10 year warranty. I have looked on various sites to try and determine if my washer falls into this category, but can not find any link to decipher my serial number. Can someone tell me if my washer has...
  6. J

    ATW4675YQ My Admiral top-loading washer won't start

    Hello, My washer seems to have gotten into a "weird state" where nothing I do will start it. Something like this happened once before, where I canceled a cycle and then could not start it again. At that time, I talked to an employee at Home Depot (it was on the weekend and Maytag is not open...
  7. J

    FIXED Whirlpool washer leak

    My Whirlpool washer which is 10 years old started leaking a couple of weeks ago. I only noticed last week because the "tray" that the washer stands in was almost full of water. I used old towels to sop up that water, thankful that it didn't overflow and ruin the floor. I tried a load in the...
  8. M

    Samsung Front Load Washer WF330AN Loud Rattle at end of Spin Cycle

    I recently developed a very loud rattle that occurs for about 5-10 seconds at the very end of the final spin cycle. It sounds like a very rapid metal hitting metal sound. Or plastic hitting metal. The noise occurs with a wash load and when just running empty. Washer is level and on the same...
  9. K

    GE Washer stops mid-cycle. Pressing start causes it to stop again in a few minutes.

    Hello, My front-loading washing machine (not exactly sure of the age... it was in the house when we moved in three years ago), has recently started acting up. When its in the middle of a wash, it will stop and 'pause' itself. I can hit the start button and it seems to continue for a few minutes...
  10. B

    Whirlpool Cabrio washer No cold water

    I have a Cabrio washer that will only push out Hot water. No matter what the temperature setting is on...hot water. Anyone know what the problem might be. It's also showing an error code 51. Are the two connected?
  11. B

    Propane stack unit washer has no power but dryer still works fine

    Hi, The dryer is working fine but the washer is lifeless, no power no lights. i tried all manner of actions to get it working but its just dead.no power, no door lock ect... Please help, Thanks in advance, Brian
  12. M

    LG Washer dispensing softener in first rinse.

    Hello, My LG washer dispenses the softener in the first rinse instead of the final. It started doing this a few months ago. Had a technician come and replace a water a part, but he insisted that it is supposed to dispense in the first rinse, and not the second. I know for a fact that this is...
  13. B

    FIXED Whirlpool Cabrio not spinning.... sometimes

    Hello A few weeks ago, my Whirlpool washer started functionning not properly. Normal cycle wont do the spin cycle 3/4 times. We we are to do the spin cycle by starting it manually after the Normal Cycle But now, even the Drain and Spin cycle wont spin (most of the times) When it spins, it...
  14. D

    Frigidaire Washer has a loud knocking sound during spin cycle

    Frigidaire Washer ( FWTBB30DS0 ) has a loud knocking sound during spin cycle. The sound and banging noise is slowly getting worse. I'm not sure if something is off balance. I did put a large load of towel in the Washer around the time when I noticed the noise. Any ideas or solutions would be...
  15. N

    Kenmore Washer Stops During Rinse Cycle and Restarts When Lid is opened and closed

    I am having an issue with my Kenmore Washer where it will stop mid rinse cycle. When I open the lid and close it again it starts back up. I found another post with a similar issue and it was the lid switch. The difference was that the op didn't say the cycle would start back up if the lid was...
  16. X

    Whirlpool duet washer short circuit

    Whirlpool duet washer shorts circuit (jump breaker) when spinning, all other features work fine. Any ideas?
  17. A

    LTF530FS0 Front Loader Stops mid cycle

    hi. i'm having issues with my washer, and hope someone can help me to figure out the problem. it is a frigidaire front loader, it is an older model with no digital components, it is all dials. the problem is that it stops mid cycle. as to where it stops, that seems random. i've never seen the...
  18. D

    FIXED WTW5200VQ2 Whirlpool filling problem

    I have a Whirlpool model WTW5200VQ2 washer. When filling, there's a strong hammering in the hot water coming into the tub. I don't see this hammering anywhere else in my hot water lines to sinks, showers, etc. My suspicion is that the problem is in the washer, maybe a relay that controls the...
  19. T

    Whirlpool Bad Timer caused 11 hour agitation

    Started a load before going to work. Came home to find a stinky house, very hot washer and a load still agitating...11 hrs later. Pretty sure timer is the issue, but before spending money to fix that, do you think I've done major harm to the motor? Don't want to fix the timer just to have the...
  20. M

    Washer noise

    So my washer sounds like a turbine when it kicks into the spin cycle and also leaks from an unknown location Washer Help! - YouTube

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