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    FIXED LTE5243DQA Whirlpool Thin Twin Washer starting on its own, then buttons smoking

    Hi there, wondering if anyone here might have heard of this before-- my Whirlpool Thin Twin washer turned itself on by itself, begun a wash cycle without anyone near the appliance. Couldn't get the wash cycle to stop, so unplugged the whole thing. When I plugged it back in, the wash cycle...
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    FIXED Leak in Maytag Atlantis MAV7600

    I have a leak in our Maytag Atlantis MAV7600. I thought it may be from one of the hoses but when I took off the front they look fine and so do the clamps. I ran a rinse cycle with the panel off to see if I could see where the water is coming from and couldn't see any. I had noticed last evening...
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    GE GHWN8355D0MC not starting

    Can anyone help me diagnose my issue? It seems to want to start, just doesn’t happen. There’s some wet rug under it as well, not sure how long that’s been going on either. https://youtu.be/T7JYsAvQ8F4 Thank you in advance!
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    MAH5500BWW Washer suddenly stopped working

    Hi there - first time posting - hope you can help me. My older Maytag washer has suddenly stopped working. It was fine yesterday AM for one load, and looks like it started to fill up for a second load but then stopped. The control panel still lights up, and even makes a clicking noise...
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    417.42142100 Kenmore Front-loader Belt Falls Off

    The belt on my Kenmore/Sears front-loader (model 417.42142100) consistently falls off behind the pulley wheel. I read on a forum that it could be a warped pulley; easy fix. I also read that it could be a bad rear drum assembly and/or bearing. How can I know which one it is? My wife and I have...
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    MVWC555DW0 Agitator/Impeller spins during final spin cycle

    Having a problem I can't fully figure out with my clothing washer. It cycles through all the wash cycles fine. When final spin hits, it starts off by spinning the outer basket, then switches to spinning the impeller for the high speed run. Then it allows the basket to coast to a stop. Then it...
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    FIXED WFW72HEDW0 Clanking noise driving us crazy!

    Good day, We purcashes this washer and matching gas dryer new from Lowe’s about three years ago. They are stacked in our bathroom. From new the washer has made this clanking noise during spin with loads of various size. Thought that was just the noise it made until my parents. Is ted and said...
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    GE WBVH5300K0WW won't complete cycle

    Having an issue with my GE washer completing cycles. If I choose any wash cycle, it will usually (though not always) dispense water + detergent and begin tumbling the load normally, but at some point it will stop, drain the water, and then the Start/Pause light will blink and the washer does...
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    FIXED WPSF4170W0WW How do I get the timer knob off?

    I just bought a used GE Harmony washer. The outer knob doesn't turn the inner knob - in other words, you need to turn the collar to set the cycle, then use the outer knob to push it in or pull it out. I can probably repair it myself or just buy a new knob, but how do you get it off? I image it...
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    417.94812301 Kenmore stackable washer squeaks during agitation.

    Hi, The washer squeaks during agitation every time the transmission turns. It works fine and the squeaking isn't too loud. I've tried WD-40 on all the bearings that I can reach to see if it's one of them, but it still squeaks. I've attached wave file. If needed, I can try to record a short...
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    GE GTWN7450D0WW Washer Lid won't lock in use will in test

    Unit has power. Select any wash cycle and lid tries to lock. Then will not lock and light does not light. Display says pause. Replaced lid lock unit with same results. Found service manual, ran test and lid locks fine. Have not found any other issue and same result after lid locked in...
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    Kenmore 796.40318900 loud spin

    Washer makes loud noise when in spin cycle. When the washer was empty I manually rotated the drum. Sounded like like dry bearing rolling around. Definitely not smooth. I read the manual about the lifetime warranty for the drum. But it didn't specifically the drum with the bearings. Do you know...
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    GTWN4250D1WS GE washer not draining

    I have a GE top load washer, model number GTWN4250D1WS, that isn’t draining properly and it just started recently. I have already tried replacing the drain hose with no luck. I’ve also noticed that the cup for the fabric softener isn’t draining either. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    WFT1060EP LG Washer will not turn on

    This is a top-loading washing machine in the intellowasher line. At the start of a cycle, while it was spinning the drum to detect the load size, and before it had started to fill with water, the machine went off and the circuit breaker tripped. The power is now restored to the outlet, but the...
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    FIXED LAFW7000LW0 Washer fails to empty all the water, worse after cleaning

    Hello, When I purchased this house, it had this Frigidaire Affinity front loading washer. It always ran well other than it wouldn't dispense soap and bleach properly, probably due to hard water build=up blocking the jets which is how I assume it works. A couple years ago, when prompted to run...
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    WF350ANR Samsung Front Load ND Error, Checked 99%

    Samsung ND Error Will Not Drain 1) Checked Ohm 4.1, 2) Flushed Grey Discharge Tube 3) Pulled Motor left hooked up electrically, watched impeller turn 4) Was going to repull and check Black Drain from bottom of drum to pump, but water comes out of drain at 100 miles an hour, so my inclination...
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    ETW4400WQ0 ESTATE Washer will not spin, hums, will fill with water, wont drain

    I have an 8 year old washer, Estate, Model# etw4400wq0. Last night it filled with water for a normal wash cycle, then stopped. When I turned it on there was a persistent humming, audible but not alarmingly loud which appears now to just be the motor trying to run, but it cant. I've spent several...
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    LG WT4801CW Squeaks during agitation

    This thing has just worked so well for a long time! I don't want it to die! It has started squeaking before during agitation and then stopped for many months. Now it's back to it again. Is anyone familiar with this washer/series and know a solution? I'm handy, but not experienced with...
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    FIXED MVWC400XW2 Maytag Centennial Making Noise during wash cycle

    Washer started Making Noise during wash cycle a couple weeks ago. Really don't know how to describe it so I posted a video on YouTube. Any help in diagnosing it will be greatly appreciated.
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    110.26892690 Kenmore model 80 Leaking washer

    Our model 80 washer leaks while filling. I removed cabinet. Water runs from middle Down metal strip to spring and drips to floor. Inlet hoses are not leaking. Any suggestions.