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    WT5070CW LG top load washing machine leaking

    Hi, does anyone know a solution to this? Can’t find out how to fix this problem. It is leaking in the weirdest spot. On the bottom but in the front of the machine so it’s not coming from any hose. Hopefully the video I attached works. Thanks!
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    FIXED WA50K8600AV/A2 makes clicking sound when power is pressed

    Hey folks, my washing machine is making a clicking sound when I hit the power button and not powering on. No lights. Nothing on the display at all but I’m also hearing the chime sound after a few seconds. I believe I read that the clicking sound could be a sign of a bad relay on one of the...
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    Samsung WF337AAG/XAC main pcb

    Hello, brand new to this forum, looking for some guidance. I have read online, watched videos, and searched this forum before coming here, as well as a few people I know irl who had the same issue ... kind of a last resort here. Our Samsung wf337aag washer has worked fine for 10ish years. in...
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    MCSTCW16W4 Magic Chef Washing Machine Clicks/Squeals On Rinse Cycle

    Hello Everyone, Model MCSTCW16W4 1.6 Cu. Ft. We replaced the suspension rods on the machine and the rumbling went down but the clicking and squeaking is still very loud (see video) on the spin cycle only. Do you guy have any idea what it can be? Thank you in advance!
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    HLPW028BXW Haier Top Loader Impeller Screw Broken

    I have a Haier washing machine (https://www.haierappliances.com/appliance/2-1-Cu-Ft-Portable-Washer-HLPW028BXW) since about 2017 and for the most part it has been great, we had some coins block the valve that I have had to deal with but nothing major until now. This model doesn't have an upright...
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    Samsung WF448AAP turns on, buttons work, cycle won't start.

    Last June (2021), we replaced the pump and the door mechanism due to a "No Drain" error. Worked GREAT...until yesterday. Noticed it stopped during the Quick Wash cycle at 24 minutes. We emptied the drain filter, and turned the machine off, then back on...and now, we can't get it to do anything...
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    Lg WT5001CW - Issues with spin

    So the problem started when a quarter got stuck in the crack on the edge of the washplate. The washer was run with the quarter stuck like that and made quite a big of noise. The problems began after that. One example of what happens is when the wash cycle ends, it spins for a really long time...
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    FIXED Maytag Bravos washer MVWX655DW Noise during wash

    Washer is 6 years old, problem started about a week ago. I assumed it was the washplate so I removed that, cleaned and removed some spare change. After installing a new washplate the noise is still there if not slightly worse. Any ideas? Any help is appreciated.
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    WF45K Samsung Washer spins perfectly in diagnostic mode, but not when running washing cycle

    Hi - I have a Samsung WF45K front loading washing machine. The machine won't spin after the wash cycle when I run it. It usually stays stuck at 6 or 9 minutes, keeps rinsing, but just never launches the spin cycle. Eventually, it will give me the Ub (unbalanced load) error code. Here is my...
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    LG front load washer OE error / doesn't drain after rinse

    I get OE error code at beginning of spin cycle. Sometimes it errors out and stops sometimes it runs through the cycle but mostly it never drains the water. The pump makes a noise (like normally) for 10-20 seconds but no water drains. It does drain the water after the first wash cycle however...
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    FIXED 592-49003 Kenmore Elite Washer leaking from...what is this? (pic)

    Hey guys, I have a leaky Kenmore Elite that's about 7 years old, model is listed as 592-49003 but I can't for the life of me find that model on any parts websites. Leak is coming from the unit that the water lines come out of. Specifically, the nozzle which connects to the main water line...
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    Whirlpool Model: LSV6233AN0 Serial: CC4306972 Leaking

    Hello, I recently bought a used Whirlpool Washing machine and it's leaking. Trying to figure out where it's coming from. By chance, can I get a copy of the pin-outs of this washing machine? The entire repair manual would be even better. Right now, I'm trying to figure which two wires on the...
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    FIXED WTW5000DW1 Whirlpool Shaking/Banging Violently During Spin...

    I have a Whirlpool WTW5000DW1 that is aggressively shaking during the spin cycle. The basket bangs against the sides and has worn the cushion/pads on the outside down to nothing. I already replaced the suspension and that seems to have changed nothing. When I took the old suspension out I...
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    110.46462501 Kenmore Washer cycle won't start

    Hello, My 110.46462501 Kenmore cycle won't start. After I push for the load to start, the door locks (I hear the click) then nothing happens/the cycle won't start. I was troubleshooting with the manual and did the following error code test: Select any one key (except STOP) follow the steps...
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    110.72872101 Kenmore 80 Washer topload, no longer spins

    Good afternoon everyone, I was wondering if I could have some tech support on my washing machine. It has been acting up recently and it's becoming frustrating. The machine has issues spinning and agitating. I'd load it full of clothes and select the cycle, pull out the knob and it wouldn't do...
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    WSSH300GOWW GE-is this 2007 front loader a high efficiency washer?

    Inherited this machine. Looked at the manual trying to determine if this is a high efficiency machine. The only indication that it might be is that the manual states to use a low suds detergent. Not sure why they didn't use the term HE detergent. The reason I am hesitant in believing this is a...
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    Neptune MAH3000AWW Making Growling/groaning sounds - Spinning Slowly

    Hi All, I have a Maytag Neptune MAH3000AWW. I had a issue back in February with hot water intake and replaced the control board which fixed the problem. Now I have a new problem... The machine doesn't spin fast and seems to make a growling/groaning noise whenever it "tries" to spin fast...
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    ATW4475XQ0 Admiral washing machine won't fill on rinse cycle

    At the beginning of the wash cycle, my Admiral washing machine (ATW4475XQ0) initially fills with water. However, no water is being dispensed once it enters the rinse cycle. There is a loud "click" when the rinse water should be flowing but nothing happens and the timer continues to progress. It...
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    HE3T draining as it fills

    Someone just gave us a Kenmore HE3T that was working fine in its previous house. The washer here in our rental (cheapo top-loader) was about to die, so we took the freebie. Unfortunately, it seems to be draining the water during the wash and rinse cycles as soon as it enters. During the...
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    Help please. Washing machine will not spin.

    We have a Maytag Bravos X , recently when spinning it would sound like it was only half spinning. Clothes would finish wet and not damp, now it isn’t spinning st all. Just sits and fills with water then drains out. What could the fix for this be?
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