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    Kenmore Dishwasher 665.12783K313 Blinking "washing" and "add a dish"

    Kenmore Elite model 665.12783K313. About five minutes into a wash cycle, the dishwasher stops operating and on the front panel the words "washing" and "add a dish" blink continuously. Turning off power at breaker for 20 min did not help. Thanks TadA Corrected model number
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    Miele washing machine grinding sound

    Hi, While rotating the drum (also manually), there's a strong grinding sound at about 1/4 of a full rotation. 3/4 are completely smooth and 1/4 makes grinding sound like a metal to metal friction. Any idea what it may be? attached a short video. Thank you.
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    665.15119K211 New motor worked for 1 wash

    My dishwasher was filling up with water, but no water was being pumped through the arm sprayers. So I assumed that the motor was bad, ordered a new one and replaced it. Ran it for a test wash with the door opened and confirmed that water was spraying through the arms (got soaked, but it was...
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    Kenmore 80 series: wash cycle *sometimes* won't work

    Kenmore 80 series: machine *sometimes* won't work Here's the tech info first: Kenmore 80 series Model: 110.28872891 Stock: 28872 I acquired this machine used in 2005, and it has been working flawlessly for several years. It was been dormant in storage between 2009-2011, then...
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    Washing machine stops agitation and leaves clothes in water

    I own a Maytag SAV4655EWW washing machine and lately it will stop agitation and leave clothes in water. We've tried unplugging it and plugging it back in, opening and closing the lid but once the agitation stops it will not restart on it's own. This morning the first two loads washed just fine...
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    FIXED Kenmore Washing Machine Series 80 - water leak

    I have a Kenmore Washing Machine Series 80 (model # 110.25842400) that developed a leak this past weekend. SOmewhere between 30 - 60 seconds after a cycle starts the water comes out, and its pouring out. Any suggestions? Thanks Dan