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waste king

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    Waste king 5000TC humming but blades spinning freely

    Hi everyone, After my 2 recent dishwasher issues which I had answered on this forum I now have a garbage disposal issue :( Today I noticed that my garbage disposal unit is making a weird humming type noise when I run it. I had a look inside and cleaned it out and the blades are spinning...
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    FIXED New Waste King L-2600 leaks to the side near waste drain pipe

    Good morning! We had an old InSinkErator that was original to the house (so probably 24 years old) with a leak just to the left of it where the waste drain pipe meets the unit. We decided to take the opportunity to just replace the whole thing because the old one was loud and didn't grind very...
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    [FIXED] Thermador indoor grill won't light

    I have a Thermador ( Waste King ) Indoor BBQ Grill that won't light / no spark. It is a model # CGEI29 , with serial # 8405020 . I'm looking to start by replacing the ignitor or pilot electrode and the spark switch . The switch still seems to be available from Thermador and elsewhere, P/N...

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