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  1. F

    FIXED GE Refrigerator GFE28GSKDSS Will Not Recognize Water Filter RFID

    Hello All, We have a GE refrigerator that will not recognize the filter RFID. We have tried a couple new filters and the provided bypass plug. All result in "Replace Water Filter" "Dispenser Off" messages. We have tried to install/reinstall, power off, and tried multiple times to adjust how...
  2. A

    Frigidaire Model FFHS2322MSJA Water Dispenser Weird Problem

    Weird problem started last night. Ice dispenser works fine. Three things happen when you press the ice dispenser: 1. Ice comes down the chute but does not come out, accumulating in the tray just inside the door 2. Water comes out in two streams, one stronger than the other. 3. Ice and water...
  3. B

    GE Profile PFSS5RKZASS Water Line Freezing

    The water line on my french door keeps freezing up. I noticed that for some of the GE side by sides, they've issued water line heaters that are installed just under the dispensing tube (more or less). Anyone know if GE has issued some kind of heater element retrofit kit for the PFSS5RKZASS...
  4. S

    FIXED Whirlpool ED5VHEXVB06 not dispensing water but water going to ice maker

    The water dispenser is no longer dispensing water. You press down the dispenser lever with a cup and no water comes out. The ice maker is getting water and working with no problems. The water dispenser entirely failing has been somewhat gradual. A few weeks ago it started to sporadically have...
  5. A

    Whirlpool WRV986FDEM01 inside lights stopped working, water/ice dispenser stopped working

    Hi! I'm having some issues with my less than 3 year old Whirlpool Refrigerator, model WRV986FDEM01. About 3 days ago, the inside lights stopped working. Originally, I thought it may be an issue with the switch, but then, the next morning, my water/ice dispenser stopped working also. It does...
  6. Karleigh312

    106.51123210 Kenmore Refrigerator - Ice freezing in ice bin around auger

    Ice is freezing up around auger in bin. Ice maker still making ice. Looks like water is dripping from ice maker into bin. Is ice maker bad?