water dispenser not working

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    KSRP25FSSS01 KitchenAid fridge water dispenser not working, burning smell

    I was doing a long draw of water from my fridge after replacing the fridge's water filter when I started to be aware of a burning smell. It was the kind of smell that you experience when a motherboard in a laptop is fried. Then the water dispenser abruptly stopped working. When I push on the...
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    RFG237AA Samsung Refrigerator Not Dispensing Water & Ice

    Water and Ice is not dispensing. Water pressure into water valve assembly (just installed since we thought that was the problem) is strong. Also, not getting any "beep" when depressing the ice tray button. What else should I check-out to get the ice and water to flow?
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    PFSS5RKZASS GE Refrigerator stopped dispensing water after Master Control Board was replaced

    After I replaced the Master Control Board in my PFSS5RKZASS GE Refrigerator, the water dispenser stopped dispensing water. Here's the rub... I am in Florida caring for my ailing father while my wife and two 20-something kids are in Richmond. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Jim cc...
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    KFIS25XVBL5 KitchenAid Water/ice beeping but not dispensing

    Hello all. I seem to have an issue with my KitchenAid KFIS25XVBL5. Early this morning, I got some water from the fridge and turned the light on (which is normally off), and when I came back a few hours later the light and screen were off. When I tried to get water, it beeped at me and the entire...
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    GE Profile PFSS5RKZASS Water Line Freezing

    The water line on my french door keeps freezing up. I noticed that for some of the GE side by sides, they've issued water line heaters that are installed just under the dispensing tube (more or less). Anyone know if GE has issued some kind of heater element retrofit kit for the PFSS5RKZASS...
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    LMXS30776S/03 LG Refrigerator Water dispenser issue

    I've had a water dispensing issue for about a month . At first I thought it may be a blocked/frozen line so I r. ran a thin wire and no blockages. Ice maker works without problem. I took the panel covering the ice maker and water dispenser reservoir off and it was completely full with the ice...
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    FIXED KFXS25RYMS4 Kitchenaid water dispenser stopped working after a water filter change

    I have a KitchenAid KFXS25RYMS refrigerator. My wife changed the water filter, but now the water dispenser beeps three times when a glass activates the switch. The same thing happens when the ice dispenser is pressed. The ice cube tray(is that the right word?) has water in it to make more...
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    PSC23MSWC fridge water dispenser starts then dribbles then stops. Not a freeezing problem.

    On this GE fridge (PSC23MSWC), the water dispenser starts up fine then slows to a dribble and then stops. The water line is not frozen. I replaced the solenoid with no effect. When the lever is depressed, we hear noise at the solenoid (which we know is fine) and at the water valve. What...
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    WSF26C2EXB01 Whirlpool fridge, no water

    I tried attaching this reply to an earlier thread with the same make and model, and the same problem. It does not appear to have posted. Hi Jake. I am having the same problem with my water dispenser not working. The first time it stopped working, I reset the FLOODSAFE water supply line and it...