water dispenser problems

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    JFFCC72EFP Jenn-Air Fridge - Water Dispenser has Delayed Start

    Summary of Issue: We got the fridge in December 2018. Almost immediately, we started to experience the issue - when the water dispenser lever is pressed, there is a significant delay before water is actually dispensed (initially it was about 3-4 seconds, and over time it climbed to well over a...
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    Kenmore Elite stopped dispensing water

    We just returned from a 4 day weekend trip and the water is no longer dispensing. I searched and found some people had problems with their water filter so I just replaced that but no change. Kenmore Elite 795.72053.110 bottom freezer with french door refrigerator I can hear the pump running...
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    Whirlpool WRT771REYB Water/Ice Maker Stopped/Started/Stopped

    I have a Whirlpool WRT771REYB - top freezer, external water dispenser. Last week the external water dispenser and in-freezer ice maker stopped working. I thought it might be a water filter problem so I changed the filter. I flushed the water system as directed and the dispenser and ice maker...
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    Need Jenn-Air Parts in Bisque

    Our Jenn-Air JCD2389GE side-by-side has developed serious rusting around the opening for the ice/water dispenser in the freezer door. It looks to me like replacement of the freezer front panel is the cure, but no replacements are available in bisque, a limited color. Can anyone suggest where I...