water dispenser slow flow

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    FIXED LFX25991ST/02 LG Refrigerator All of Sudden Very Slow Water Dispenser

    Hello, Jake was awesome helping us with our dishwasher and we are now dealing with the fridge. It is an LG French door fridge that is 9 years old. All of sudden the water pressure from the water dispenser is extremely slow. It was never super fast and the ice maker works fine but this is...
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    PSC23MSWC fridge water dispenser starts then dribbles then stops. Not a freeezing problem.

    On this GE fridge (PSC23MSWC), the water dispenser starts up fine then slows to a dribble and then stops. The water line is not frozen. I replaced the solenoid with no effect. When the lever is depressed, we hear noise at the solenoid (which we know is fine) and at the water valve. What...

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