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    LG Non-Plumbed Fridge Freezer: Water

    Hi there, I am wondering if anyone could let me know if any level of water purification happens on a non-plumbed LG Fridger Freezer (American Style). Model Number: GSX961NSVZ Many thanks in advance.
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    Bosch refrigerator does not dispense water and water tank leaks

    I bought a scratch/dent Bosch fridge from Lowes a few years ago. After unboxing, only the water dispenser did not work and has never worked. Fridge makes ice just fine, but when I attempt to get water you can hear the system being engaged but no water. There's nothing wrong with the water...
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    KBFA25ERSS01 Kitchenaid Refrigerator - Water Dispenser causing loud hammering sound and shaking filter

    Model: KBFA25ERSS01 Make: Kitchenaid The fridge has a loud hammering sound when dispensing and shakes from around the filter area. This has happened before and replacing the filter worked. It came back 2 days ago and I replaced the filter today but it is now persisting. I tried dispensing water...
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    Fregidaire FRS26LF8CS1 water dispenser stops after a day of icemaker turned on. If icemaker turned off water restats after a day.

    My Frigidare water dispenser stops working a few hours after the icemaker is turned on. Restarts after a few hours if ice maker is turned off. The water inlet valve was just replaced about a month ago. Is the water line freezing somewhere? Or, could it be the valve?
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    Electrolux ICON Designer E23CS75DSS5 water pressure low & ice maker not working

    I have an Electrolux ICON Designer E23CS75DSS5 the water pressure is very low coming out of the dispenser and the ice maker stopped functioning. I am wondering if the water inlet valve could be bad? Added complete model number
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    FIXED LFHB2741PFBA water keeps running continuously up pressing to dispense water.

    LFHB2741PFBA water keeps running continuously up pressing to dispense water. I first changed the dispensing module, that did not help. Then I changed the 4 line water valve on back( 242253002). That did not help either. What can I do? Please help.
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    FIXED FPHB2899LF3 - Need help identifying water line parts

    I need help identifying the parts I need for the water line on the back of the fridge. Easiest for me just to post a photo. FPHB2899LF3 Back top Their online chat personnel identified the parts as: 218976424 A B Tube-water inlet, 64.00", yellow 241920101 A B Tube-water inlet, green, valve to...
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    795.74093.410 - Removal of Front Dispenser Panel - how to?

    Our Kenmore started to dispense water after a few seconds of getting water. Today it started dispensing on it's own, dispensed for around 2-3 seconds. I was thinking that maybe the microswitch is malfunctioning or gunk up there somewhere. I was attempting to disassemble the front but I can...
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    Whirlpool Refrigerator ED2VHEXVQ00 gross water coming out.

    We have been having this issue with these amoeba like things coming from our water dispenser as shown in the pictures below. It’s not the little white fuzzy things that go away, it’s these gross looking things that we can’t get rid of. We replaced the water filter, the plastic line on the back...
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    FIXED GE GWE19JMLGFES When I use the water dispenser it also pours water into the icemaker causing overflows as well.

    When I use the water dispenser it also pours water into the icemaker causing overflows as well. I have heard of a water valve diode but not sure if this model has one as well?
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    Bosch side by side refrigerator B20CS51SNS/02 - water and ice stopped working

    Now that I was able to fix the compressor problem and have access to the back of the fridge, I figured I'd look into the water issue. The water dispenser and ice maker were working fine for about 10 years from new, then stopped. It's been so long ago, but I want to say I vaguely recall the water...
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    KRMF706ESS01 KitchenAid Refrigerator - Water Dispenser Not Working

    All, I have an issue with my Kitchen Aid, French Door, 5 Door Refrigerator that I bought used. The main problem is that water is not dispensing. I have had this problem since day one. Later I had issues with lights and door display and found that it was a fault with the Pantry UI. After...
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    FIXED FFSS2615TD0 Frigidaire Refrigerator water dispenser troubleshooting

    Hey, just bought my first house and with it came my first refrigerator with a water dispenser (not under warranty conveniently enough). Here is the tragic timeline of events. If anyone has any suggestions of anything else to try I’m all ears. I think I’ve watched every refrigerator...
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    FRS26DR7DS Frigidaire refrigerator dispenses water on its own every 10 mins. Turning lock on does not stop this. Also ice maker stopped producing ice

    Frigidaire refrigerator dispenses water on its own every 10 mins. Turning lock on does not stop this. Also ice maker stopped producing ice a while ago. No visible ice build up on freezer. Frig and freezer operating normally otherwise
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    EHE6899BA french door fridge - HELP, water dispenser not working :(

    Recently bought a 2nd hand 2 year old Electrolux fridge, my partner is a plumber and connected the water line today and the water is not coming out the water dispenser. It makes a humming noise but nothing. The previous owner is a senior lady and confirmed it was definitely working for her...
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    FIXED Kenmore Elite Refrigerator 795.72489.411 water dispenser not working

    Based upon information found online, I've tested water line, I have lots of pressure, and replaced water filter with new one. I've checked continuity of solenoid in water inlet valve and it was good, then disconnected water from the valve to checked the flow meter and found no water was...
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    E23BC78IPS Electrolux French door refrigerator water not dispensing

    We have a Electrolux icon French door fridge we bought in 2009 has been a lemon ever since- ice maker issues and all. Till recently it has been ok. Now the water has stopped flowing every morning out of the water dispenser. After checking the inlet valve it works fine. Good flow from water...
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    LG Refrigerator LMXS30796S - left door no power

    We noticed the ice and water dispenser stopped working on the left side door. At first, if we open and close the door a few time, they might become working again. But now they are completely dead. We realized it's not just the dispensers, but also the display panel. So I think it might be the...
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    GFE29HSDGSS GE Refrigerator Randomly Dispensing Water

    Hi all. Model No. GFE29HSDGSS GE fridge water dispenser will randomly run multiple times a day. So far the main control board has been replaced, the front control board has been replaced as well as the water inlet valves. The lines have been swapped to confirm it wasn't the ice maker filling...
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    Whirlpool Refrigerator WRX735SDHZ00 Water Dispenser and Ice maker stopped working

    Our whirlpool French door model WRX735SDHZ00 Water Dispenser and Ice maker suddenly stopped working after 2 years of flawless use. I can still hear the solenoid activate for the water dispenser and the ice makers chute opens when the pads are depressed but the auger for the ice maker does not...

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