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  1. J

    FFHS2622MSWA Frigidaire water and ice dispenser won’t turn off

    I replaced the water filter. It was stuck so I took the filter cover off and pushed around and finally got it to pop. Put in the new filter. Pushed on the water lever to dispense the water and the the water would not turn off and also ice was being sent to the ice dispenser, although not...
  2. P

    FIXED LGHB2867PF4 Frigidaire Refrigerator - Broken Ice & water dispenser repair

    Recently the water/ice dispenser on our Frigidaire Gallery series refrigerator stopped working properly. Once pushed in to dispense ice/water, it would continue to flow until you manually pulled it back forward. This hack saved me about $250 dollars at the cost of less than a penny and I have...
  3. M

    106.51133210 Kenmore Fridge door water dispenser randomly not working, grinding noise heard

    I have a Kenmore 106.51133210 side by side refrigerator with water & ice dispenser in the freezer door. The ice maker works great. When I go to dispense water I hear a grinding / thumping noise. After several attempts the water will flow, but it can take 1, or 2, or up to 10 tries before the...
  4. L

    Kenmore 795.73063.410 slow water and ice

    Hello. I've read through some of the threads and looked around online for an answer before posting. My water is running ridiculously slow and ice runs out every day in our Kenmore 795.73063.410. I've tried replacing the filter and had no luck. I've used the water filter bypass and it's still...
  5. L

    ZISP420DXCSS GE Monogram refrigerator too cold

    My refrigerator is stuck at 25 degrees F and won’t go any higher. I was able to turn off the bottom controls for the vegetable drawer. Everything on the shelf above those drawers and down is frozen. The freezer seems to be working as is the ice maker, however, the drinking water dispenser is...
  6. J

    FIXED ARS266ZBS Amana Refrigerator water line routing

    By any chance does anyone have a diagram showing the water line routing to and from the various valves on the back of an ARS266ZBS? My daughter and her boyfriend have one of these and they were having a problem with the water dispenser. So he took the two valves off the back and ordered new...
  7. P

    795.71323411 Kenmore Refrigerator - Uh oh - think I broke the water filtration system!

    I have a Kenmore Elite: Model #: 795.71323.4111 dated June 2015 I moved into the condo with the fridge already here a little over a year ago. First time I've had a fridge that made ice - what a treat! The 'change filter' light came on and I ordered the proper filters from Sears. I had pulled...
  8. M

    WRF560SEYM00 Whirlpool Refrigerator - water dispenser turns on by itself

    My 5 yr old Whirlpool refrigerator dispenses water by itself. Bought it used... (never again!) First, it wouldn't dispense water at all. He came out and replaced the cylinoid with a used one from another refrigerator. Now, it turns on randomly about once a week and floods my kitchen. Luckily I...
  9. T

    FIXED 106.51133210 Kenmore Refrigerator - Unable to Remove Water Filter

    Kenmore Coldspot model 106.51133210 I have been trying to remove/replace water filter in this side/side refrigerator and no success. i have got large plyers on the filter and attempted to move side, to side, push and pull to no avail. does anybody have any suggestion? am i going to be forced...
  10. 2

    FIXED RF266AEPN Samsung Refrigerator - One Touch Pure Water Dispenser Dripping

    Hi all, Joined up to ask a question I can't seem to find the answer for - I have a Samsung RF266AEPN and the One Touch water spout has developed a leak. At first, I was going to replace the Water Valve (DA62-00914B LINK ) since I noticed that my output spout has mineral build up and I'm...
  11. S

    FFHS2611PFCA Frigidaire Refrigerator - Water Dispenser Fails Intermittently

    Hi, I have a FFHS2611PFCA, about 3 years old now, water dispenser worked before bed, the following day the water dispenser did not work. Ice maker has worked throughout the duration of this issue. I tested the impedance of the 3 solenoid valves. I was able to measure some 'acceptable' level of...
  12. D

    GI5SVAXVQ00 Whirlpool Refrigerator - Water still cloudy after changing filter and

    Model Number GI5SVAXVQ00 Brand Whirlpool The water was tasting less pleasant and it has been a few months so I changed the water filter. I did the purge for five minutes. A full 24 hours later the water is initially cloudy and then clears up. I don’t recall that happening before. In the last...
  13. M

    FIXED TFX22ZRXFWW GE Water dispenser sticking

    20 year old GE side by side. Water dispenser has started randomly sticking, causing water to keep running. I took the rubber cover off and can replicate the issue. The actuator arm is a bit weak to spring back and sounds 'creaky'.
  14. T

    SAMSUNG RS267TDBP Fridge with cracked water supply line (below the door)

    Help! My Samsung Refrigerator has a cracked water line below the freezer door where it goes up to the water dispenser in the freezer door. (see attached leaking white line photo) The good news is that it's not a constant leak. It only sprays water from the cracked line when I dispense...
  15. B

    Electrolux FRS26R4CWB Side by side - ghost in water dispenser

    Says Frigidaire on the outside, but by the serial number it says Electrolux. It's a side by side. Randomly the water dispenser will kick on. It runs for 1-7 seconds or so and then shuts itself off. Happens a couple times an hour. I never use the dispenser because it used to happen frequently...
  16. T

    GSH25JFTAWW GE Refrigerator Frozen Water...Again.

    That's right, it's another GE Frozen waterline thread. I've seen lots of posts around the interwebs about the frozen water line issue. Mine is the typical, in-the-door freeze, issue. I've done the hair dryer, many times. The last time I did it, it froze again within hours. The fridge came with...
  17. JustinW91403

    FPHC2398LF4 - sometimes water dispenser doesn’t stop, sometimes it does

    This has been an ongoing issue that is due for a fix. Here is what happens. 1. Put a cup under the dispenser 2. If water not selected, Select water (we don’t use the ice maker because it’s kinda weird and sometimes cubes stick and melt out the front, so this usually already selected), else...
  18. E

    TFX26CRDAWW GE Side-by-Side model not dispensing water

    After filling glass of water, water continued leaking out for about a minute. Turned off water line, then turn it back on and it has just stopped dispensing water. Checking ice maker and I think it stopped filling to make ice.
  19. S

    JFFCC72EFP Jenn-Air Fridge - Water Dispenser has Delayed Start

    Summary of Issue: We got the fridge in December 2018. Almost immediately, we started to experience the issue - when the water dispenser lever is pressed, there is a significant delay before water is actually dispensed (initially it was about 3-4 seconds, and over time it climbed to well over a...
  20. L

    RF28HFEDBSG Samsung French Door Fridge Water Dispenser Angled Back/Pressure too High

    We just got a new Samsung fridge a few weeks ago and have noticed that the water pressure on the water dispenser is very high causing a big splash when filling up a cup with water, this issue, combined with the fact that the water dispensing tube is angled from front pointing towards the back...