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    LG Non-Plumbed Fridge Freezer: Water

    Hi there, I am wondering if anyone could let me know if any level of water purification happens on a non-plumbed LG Fridger Freezer (American Style). Model Number: GSX961NSVZ Many thanks in advance.
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    LG LMXC23746D Refrigerator Water Filter & Beeping Problem

    My french door LG LMXC23746D (SN: 607KRJU1U396) refrigerator is giving me a couple of headaches. It was purchased new in November, 2016. My problems are: (1) I went to replace the water filter today. I removed the old filter and then opened a new LG LT800P filter which was sealed in shrink...
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    Kenmore Elite - problems installing filter

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this since it's arguably more an issue with the filter itself rather than the fridge, so please tell me if I'm using the forum incorrectly.Anyway, I'm trying to replace the filter in a Kenmore Elite (model number: 106.57782701) with a Top Pure...
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    Cannot open water filter door

    Hello I have a Kenmore refrigerator that I want to change the water filter on. But I cannot get the door open. I found the manual and it doesn’t mention anything about how to open the door. From the manual, where the door should open will not move and I don’t see any sort of release...
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    Water filter leak

    Hi, I have a Samsung RF28 french door refrigerator. I purchased a new water filter to replace the old one and installed it. After about 5-6 days, it started leaking water from the filter area. We cleaned it up and tried a second filter I got and the same leak occurred right away. I then pulled...
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    FIXED KitchenAid Ice Maker not working - unexpected fix (reference model KFXS25RYMS2)

    Our 10 year old KitchenAid refrigerator (model KFXS25RYMS2) suddenly stopped making ice. The filtered water flow from the in-door dispenser was fine, and I religiously change water filters whenever the front panel status indicator lit up. There was no sign of any ice clog, everything was nice...
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    FIXED LFXC22526S LG Refrigerator - Unable to install new water filter (answer to a similar post)

    See pictures in this post: https://www.applianceblog.com/mainforums/threads/lsxs26396s-lg-refrigerator-unable-to-install-new-water-filter.86572/ I had a similar issue as reported in the post above. His solution was to use a pair of pliers to rotate the lug/tabs to the 9 and 3 o'clock position...
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    FIXED Frigidaire Refrigerator FGHB2868TD2 Loud and low flow water filter

    I have a Frigidaire Gallery model and prior to replacing the water filter, it was making a very loud noise when I would dispense water. I replaced the water filter, and that seemed to solve the problem for a couple of days. It is now back to making the noise, and a very low stream of water comes...
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    DYF36BFBPR Dacor fridge water filter status 365D/0L left

    I’ve changed the filter yesterday and reset the status which seemed to work for the days. No idea why it reads “0L Left”. Any ideas how to remedy? Ice maker isn’t working and it’s my guess because of this zero L left. The fridge wants me to change it I guess. No support in the manual for...
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    Recommendations on non-Whirlpool brand water filter EDR1RXD1

    New Whirlpool refrigerator owner and my water filter light is on. Part number is EDR1RXD1 and it's almost $50. Ouch! Anybody have success with using a non-Whirlpool water filter for this model?
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    FFHS2622MSWA Frigidaire water and ice dispenser won’t turn off

    I replaced the water filter. It was stuck so I took the filter cover off and pushed around and finally got it to pop. Put in the new filter. Pushed on the water lever to dispense the water and the the water would not turn off and also ice was being sent to the ice dispenser, although not...
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    GSS26C4XXB03 Whirlpool side by side Water filter not working

    I just replaced my Whirlpool filter (EDR1RXD1B) as the 6 month change light came on. Put the new filter in and ran through afew gallons of water as per instructions. Worked fine for a while but later in the day no water would come out? I tried taking it out and back in and no luck.... This...
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    795.71323411 Kenmore Refrigerator - Uh oh - think I broke the water filtration system!

    I have a Kenmore Elite: Model #: 795.71323.4111 dated June 2015 I moved into the condo with the fridge already here a little over a year ago. First time I've had a fridge that made ice - what a treat! The 'change filter' light came on and I ordered the proper filters from Sears. I had pulled...
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    Viking Side-by-Side Unit Identification Help (Water Filter replacement)

    Hello, I'm at my wit's end over here. I am simply trying to replace the water filter for my Viking Side-by-Side refrigerator unit. For some reason, a previous tenant must've taken the serial/model tag off the unit because it is nowhere to be found inside or outside of the fridge or freezer...
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    Styrofoam on top of water filter cartridge holder?

    GE Profile side by side. I've got one of the vertical water filter cartridges in the upper-right corner of the refrigerator. The top screws into a cartridge holder. Noticed a piece of styrofoam on top of the cartridge holder. About 3" x 2" and 1/2" thick. It's formed so that it fits in...
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    How do I Bypass EveryDrop Water Filter

    I have a brand new Whirlpool Refrigerator and I want to bypass the EveryDrop water filter since I have an external water filter. The refrigerator didn't come with a plug and the plugs online don't appear to be designed for the EveryDrop filter fitting. How do I bypass the filter? Thanks in...
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    FIXED FGHN2844LF4 Frigidaire water filter is stuck

    I need to change the water filter. I've done it before with no problems. This time it's stuck. Whether I press in firmly or softly, the filter does not release and pop out. How do I get it out of there without having to call a service guy to come by? Thanks, Joel
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    Wrong Sized Water Filter Stuck

    I purchased a used whirlpool refrigator that came without a water filter. I bought one that said it was meant for 2 door refrigerators with the filter location being on the bottom. I go to install it and when i pushed it in, it turns out it's too small and is about a centimeter in deep. What do...
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    Water dispenser/ice maker not working, water filter is stuck

    We bought this Amana fridge used several years ago and were told that it was fully functional. Our apartment at the time didn't have a water line going to a fridge, so we left it disconnected for about 2 years. Now that we are trying to connect the water again nothing is working. - The water...
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    Has anyone made a Filter Bypass?

    So I have been putting off buying a new filter for my Kenmore side by side, it has the original in there. I bought it in 2005, well that was when it was manufactured. So the filter light is red again and I am thinking about buying a new one, but before I do, I wanted to see if anyone knows of...

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