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water inlet valve

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    Kenmore Elite 795.7205 Tested water Inlet valves, but no water to Ice Tray

    Hi there! Ice machine stopped making ice and the 1st thing I did was replace the water inlet valve on the back of the refrigerator and nothing. My neighbor has the same refrigerator and his compressor went recently. His ice machine worked up until the compressor stopped, so I took off the...
  2. P

    GDT645SYN4FS GE dishwasher floods house. Brand new.

    GE dishwasher flooded house. Brand new. Water inlet valve cracked. Has this happened to anyone else? Had been in service several months.
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    Whirlpool WDF750SAYM3 not recognizing new water inlet valve

    My dishwasher quit filling with water. I ran a diagnostic and got 6-1, 6-2, 6-6, and 8-1. I turned off the breaker, pulled the dishwasher out, disconnected the inlet valve, removed the drain hose and cleaned it. Reinstalled the drain hose and assured that my loop was above the plumbing. I...
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    FIXED LG Refrigerator LMX25984ST/00 Water is dispensing VERY SLOW

    Hello, I've read thru some old posts on this topic but discussions are closed hence I'm posting a new one for some help. I have tried the basic troubleshooting steps and nothing has changed the water flow. Seems like the water inlet valve is usually. the issue. Should I order two valves one...
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    Samsung Refrigerator RH22H9010SR/AA - Assy Case Water Filter-S DA97-14655C

    Does anyone have a video on replacing the Assy Case Water Filter-S DA97-14655C? My water valve is in the refrigerator not in the back, can someone supply a video on the replacement?RH22H9010
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    Maytag Refrigerator MFT2771WEM2 dispenser still dripping

    A couple weeks ago my water dispenser started dripping. Did some research and went for the easy culprit of air stuck in the system. Ran several gallons through but dripped just the same. I replaced the water inlet valve in the back of the fridge and ran several more gallons through it but it is...
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    FIXED 665.15983990 Kenmore Elite Dishwasher Mystery Leak

    Hi, I have a Kenmore Elite Dishwasher (665.15983990) that leaks from the front door panel, but only under specific conditions. 1. LEAK. The dishwasher has a timed cycle such that there is a 2 min fill time delay before the motor kicks in for the wash/rinse cycle. During this time, water...
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    FIXED GE refrigerator GSE25HSHBHSS water inlet

    My GE side-by-side ice maker solenoid is making noise filling water from solenoid Replacing GE WR57X33326 With GE WR57X10032 New solenoid 032 will not dispense water out of solenoid solenoid does turn on through ice cycle... Do I have the right replacement part? Only difference I see is old one...
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    FIXED KDTM404ESS3 KitchenAid Dishwasher Not Cleaning

    Hello. First, let me thank you for your blog. It has already saved me hours while trying to troubleshoot my unit. Unfortunately, my problem is not solved. I have my suspicions, but am getting conflicting results, so let me tell you my efforts so far... 1) INITIAL SYMPTOM: Dishes were not clean...
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    GFSF6KKYCBB GE Refrigerator ice was constantly clumping together, Water Inlet Valve?

    The ice was constantly clumping together, and then Wednesday it was one big chunk of ice. There was also ice all around the ice maker. Removed ice maker to find it full of ice, water constantly dripping from above onto ice maker. Water pressure is good. Seems like the water inlet valve is bad...
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    FIXED KUDS30IVBL4 Kitchenaid Dishwasher middle arm and upper nozzle not spinning. Upper tray not clean.

    I've noticed the bottom tray comes out very clean and arm still has spinning momentum when I open mid cycle. The middle arm does not spin, but drips water when I open mid cycle. The upper little spinner does not spin ... I can' remember if water comes out of it. A long time ago when this problem...
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    665.13543N413 Kenmore Dishwasher leaks from both sides of the door at the bottom

    I have a Kenmore 665.13543N413 dishwasher that I have replaced the seal, water inlet valve, float switch motor, and control board and dishwasher still leaks from both sides of the door at the bottom. I am so frustrated because I could have bought a brand new one for the amount of money I have...
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    Kitchen Aid KUIS18PNJB8 Stand Alone Ice Maker - Water Inlet Valve

    I just purchased a house with a Kitchen Aid KUIS18PNJB8 and it needed a new water inlet valve. It had a GE inlet valve "WR57X10033" so I replaced it with the same part twice. It will run for a day or 2 and suddenly the inlet valve is not allowing water to flow. I have recently noticed the actual...
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    FIXED Whirlpool WTW5200VQ2 Washer Inlet Valve

    Hello, I am seeing a slow drip from the inside of my washer at the fill valve. I'm assuming it is an issue with buildup/bad solenoids in the fill valve. Is it necessary to replace so it doesn't fail even further? If I need to replace, I just wanted to check before I bought the part to see if...
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    FIXED WHDSR315D0WW GE Clothes Washer leaking water into tub

    I have an older low end top loading GE clothes washer (about 15 years old). When the washer is not running, water leaks into the tub. This happens when the electricity is plugged in and when it is not plugged in. Only the cold water leaks in. The hot water does not. From everything I’ve...
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    MDB5100AWW Replaced water inlet valve, now dishwasher won't power on

    Hello, not much experience in repairs here. I replaced the water inlet valve on my dishwasher today with the help of a video on YouTube. Now my dishwasher will not power on at all. Prior to replacing the water inlet valve, it powered on just fine. The issue was that it would not fill with water...
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    ED25TEXHW02 Whirlpool water inlet valve

    Does anyone know where I can find a water inlet valve for a whirlpool model ED25TEXHW02? All the appliance sites say no longer available. I have searched all over for this and only found one site that had some refurbished for $89. I read their reviews and they were 2/3 negative. Most said that...
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    Whirlpool Ice Maker Overflowing

    Refrigerator Model Number – GB2FHDXWQ04 Issue – Refrigerator ice maker overflowing (sheet of ice in bottom of the ice storage bin). Note: This model has the freezer in the bottom drawer). I’ve another water inlet valve and an ice maker assembly from a local vendor, but so far I have the same...
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    Water leaking from water dispenser in freezer door

    Am I being taken advantage of by a repairman affiliated with a big Chicago-based retailer? Water comes from my water dispenser in the freezer door after my ice maker cycles. I'm now awaiting my 4th visit from the home repair service to fix it because of indecision on what I needed and the...
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    FIXED KUDS01DJSS0 Kitchenaid superba - water inlet wires

    I have bought a used Kitchenaid Superba. The wires to the water inlet valve has been removed. One wire is solid and one with a stripe. The push pins are the same size. Does it matter which wire goes to either push pin ?

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