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    HSS25IFMCWW How much flow is supposed to come out of the water inlet on a HotPoint Ice Maker?

    I unplugged my ice maker in a HotPoint refrigerator's freezer to see what I can figure out about it producing low amounts of ice. It freezes solid ice but it is so slow that it can't keep up with my family's demand and it used to just fine. After I cleaned it up and reconnected it, the water...
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    MDB8959SAB0 Maytag Dishwasher water inlet steam rotted cabinet.

    Hi Guys, this is my first post and hopefully I put all the information needed into this post. My dishwasher is a Maytag MDB8959SAB0. I purchased it in 2012. I recently decided to replace my flooring and when i pulled out my dishwasher the side of the kitchen cabinet was moist and rotten. I...
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    FIXED RF4287HARS No water to icemaker after 4 years of use; water to dispenser is fine

    Ice maker has been working perfectly but as of two days ago, is not receiving any water. Door water dispenser is functioning fine. Only recent "changes" has been I replaced the water filter, which I've done maybe 5 times in the 4 years I've had the fridge. I've removed and replaced the filter...
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    Dishwasher won't fill

    I have a perplexing problem that has me completely stumped. My dishwasher stopped filling with water recently. I confirmed that I have water getting to the dishwasher via the supply line (i.e., to the inlet valve). I also tested the float switch and confirmed that it is working with a...
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    363.9557720 Leak at water inlet

    Noticed water on floor under fridge. No problems with making ice or water through door. Traced it to inlet valve. Did not see leak at inlet connection. Removed hose to icemaker then noticed water dripping from outside of entire valve/solenoid fixture. Removed valve and examined and found...
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    Kenmore 80 Series Clothes Washer - Extremely Low Water Pressure

    I have a Kenmore 80 Series Clothes Washer (Model 110.92582100) which has an extremely low flow rate on the cold water inlet. It used to be that the Hot water fill had the lowest rate of flow, the Cold water fill was better than Hot, and the Warm water fill was awesome. Over the years, those...
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    FIXED Maytag D/W Air Water Inlet

    I just inherited a Maytag MDBH968AWW3 from a neighbor who got a new dishwasher and was going to throw this one out. My question is regarding the air water inlet (part# 99002652) on the left side of the tub. The inlet appears to be an air gap type device. I've noticed some evidence of water...
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    Old Maytag needs help

    My washer will spin, and will flush water, but does not let water in. I removed the filter units and cleaned them well (they were pretty clean to start). Can use help; laundry piling up rapidly. Thanx!:3:
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    Steam dryer can vent to side; what about water inlet on side?

    Whirlpool Cabrio dryers can be converted to vent to the side, but for models with steam can the water inlet also be moved to the side? Are there threaded junctions in there, or would it involve a custom hack job? To get this sucker as close to the wall as possible I've had the sheetrock opened...
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    GE dishwasher will not fill

    Water enters the washer...barely. I've been told it could be calcification on the inlet screen, or a bad pump. I don't mind checking these things...if I had a diagram of the machine. What are the most likely causes on this model and where do I find a diagram? Thank you.
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    110.42822201 Kenmore Elite - tub filling after load is done

    This just started happening, my wife noticed a load was still soaked after it was done, so I ran drain/spin, watched it until it was done then forgot about it. She checked it again a couple of hours later and noticed the water was almost up to the door, so I did the drain/spin again, watched it...