water line frozen

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    GE Profile PFSS5RKZASS Water Line Freezing

    The water line on my french door keeps freezing up. I noticed that for some of the GE side by sides, they've issued water line heaters that are installed just under the dispensing tube (more or less). Anyone know if GE has issued some kind of heater element retrofit kit for the PFSS5RKZASS...
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    FIXED EI23CS35KS3A Electrolux Refrigerator -- Water Line Frozen for Water Dispenser (In-Door)

    Hello, we have a relatively new Electrolux Refrigerator that just went out of warranty. We bought as an Electrolux appliance package through our builder when we purchased our home. Unfortunately, this is our second refrigerator as the first one was replaced by Electrolux within the warranty...
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    FIXED GSHS5KGXGCSS GE fridge freezing food and thawing part of freezer

    A few days ago I noticed that the water dispenser on the door would not work. The next day everything in the bottom half of the fridge was frozen and everything in the top of the freezer was thawing. I am assuming these things are connected and that the water line is frozen. The temp settings...