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    WRS325FDAM02 Whirlpool Refrigerator Stuck water filter

    Hi there! My Whirlpool side by side fridge model number WRS325FDAM02 has a stuck water filter. After opening the access door, the filter should pop out a bit, i guess, in order to pull it out for replacement. But it doesn't. Tried pliers on the end of the filter, but the end of the filter is...
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    LAS02NW Speed Queen Washer - All faucets pulse when Washer in fill cycle

    This may not be a washing machine issue but I have exhausted all options. Speed Queen Model LAS02NW SN 0303020737 Problem statement; On fill cycle every faucet in house and hose bibs pulse water at a rate of about once a second. So far I have done the following and still have the issue. 1...
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    RTD2100CAL Maytag top / bottom water dripping down into fridge section

    Hi everyone, I have an older Maytag top freezer that leaks water down into the fridge section during summer months (now). I tried searching google for the cause and the best I could find was that this fridge's defrost design is flawed by not being hot enough to defrost all of the ice buildup...
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    HSS25IFMCWW How much flow is supposed to come out of the water inlet on a HotPoint Ice Maker?

    I unplugged my ice maker in a HotPoint refrigerator's freezer to see what I can figure out about it producing low amounts of ice. It freezes solid ice but it is so slow that it can't keep up with my family's demand and it used to just fine. After I cleaned it up and reconnected it, the water...
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    FIXED MAT23PCAAW Maytag commercial coin-op washer wont drain

    Hi, our small condo complex has a 6 button maytag coin-op commercial washer,model MAT23PCAAW Hardly anyone uses it so its hard to maybe get someone to own up if they broke it, but, is there a way to reset this machine? We approached it and it had the coin amount displayed but tub was full of...
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    795.71323411 Kenmore Refrigerator - Uh oh - think I broke the water filtration system!

    I have a Kenmore Elite: Model #: 795.71323.4111 dated June 2015 I moved into the condo with the fridge already here a little over a year ago. First time I've had a fridge that made ice - what a treat! The 'change filter' light came on and I ordered the proper filters from Sears. I had pulled...
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    FAFW3001LW that only does cold

    I have a front-load FAFW3001LW that only does cold water regardless of weather it's set to Hot, Warm or Cold cycle. I have verified that the hoses are good and the tap is providing hot water. Any thoughts? J
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    GI5SVAXVQ00 Whirlpool Refrigerator - Water still cloudy after changing filter and

    Model Number GI5SVAXVQ00 Brand Whirlpool The water was tasting less pleasant and it has been a few months so I changed the water filter. I did the purge for five minutes. A full 24 hours later the water is initially cloudy and then clears up. I don’t recall that happening before. In the last...
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    Front-load washer WFW80HEBW1 water in door seal

    I have a Whirlpool WFW80HEBW1 front-load washer which is approximately 5-7 years old. So the problem with it is that the water is getting in a door seal and it will stay there unless I manually drain it. The worst thing is if it hard to get the water out and it starts to smell pretty bad. Does...
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    FIXED FGHS2631PF3 water dispenser paddle gets stuck on

    When our water dispenser paddle gets pushed in, water comes on but when you pull your glass away water keeps pouring. You have to pull the paddle back toward you with your hand to make the water flow stop. Which part do I need to fix this? thanks
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    Anode Rod - Magnesium vs Aluminum?

    I have one of the first GE Geospring Hybrid Water Heaters (the blue ones before they turned them red - GEH50DNSRSA) and our needs have been such that I keep it in eHeat (heat pump) mode all the time. This unit has been extremely reliable and has worked great at meeting our hot water needs...
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    KBRC36FKS00 Ice accumulation behind fresh food drawer

    This issue developed almost a year ago, I had Kitchenaid approved technicians, other folks - nobody wanted to touch the fridge as they were afraid to own the issues. The problem that there is ice thats accumulating on the bottom left side (from human point of view) behind the fresh food drawer...
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    WRF989SDAM Whirlpool gold ice and water dispenser not working

    Ice and water dispenser stopped working. I ran service test 16 and 17. Service test 16 indicates that the refrigerator compartment door is open and service test 17 indicates the freezer compartment door is open when doors are actually closed. lights inside of refrigerator and freezer...
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    106.56666500 Kenmore Coldspot leaking/squirting *and* not chilling well

    Hi, all! My Kenmore Coldspot suddenly developed a water leak; I came downstairs to find a significant puddle. I had no time to poke at it then, so I just shut off the icemaker water and turned off the icemaker switch. That's been a few months now and I'm finally looking at it for that as well...
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    GU2300XTKS0 Dishwasher not keeping its water

    Hi! My dishwasher has a problem for many months and I can't find the problem. Model: Whirlpool Gold GU2300XTKS0 10 years old, but in good shape, motor was changed last year. Problem: - It fills with water, but the water is drained after a few minutes, very quickly (as if the pump was draining...
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    PFE28RSHSS GE Profile Fridge Dispensing Water Alone at Random

    Less than 3 years old, just started dispensing water alone...Flooded the kitchen! It has an "auto fill" setting, and it looked like it just decided to dispense 128 ounces of water. That was on the LCD screen when I got home. So either my fridge is possessed, or there is an issue here? Just...
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    795.51079011 Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Water / Ice Dispenser

    We have been fighting with our water/ice dispenser for a few months. The water dispenser does not work but the ice maker will work occasionally. Last month I thawed the bladder with a hair dryer and the dispenser worked for a few days. Recently that has failed. I also replaced the mother...
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    Dishwasher GE GLD4560RSS washing cycle, don't complete

    I have a problem with my dishwasher. It's probably two causes. The washing cycle, don't complete, most of the time water won't drain at the end and water inside are dirty. When I try to start a new cycle it's not working I had to reset and make it drain. After the reset is complete light...
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    RS25H5111SR Leak from tube connection in back

    Hi, My Samsung side-by-side refrigerator is leaking from a larger white tube in the back right where it enters what appears to be a 3 port, 2 solenoid driven valve. (Images are at the end of the post, though the left image is upside down -- the tubes enter the bottom except for the blue tube)...
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    FPHB2899LFB Frigidaire water filter very slow - researched

    I have a Frigidaire FPHB2899LFB french door refrigerator. I've read a lot of posts about slow water issues with the Frigidaire water filters. I've replace filters Frigidaire brand ULTRAWF at least ten times - after about 1 month it takes about 15-20 seconds to fill a pint glass, after 2-3...