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    WDF18, WDF20, WDF27... what's the difference?

    I have a mini fridge that suddenly stopped cooling. After troubleshooting I discovered the compressor terminals were not getting 120 VAC even when the thermostat (a WDF27) was set to MAX. I initially had a hard time finding an exact replacement...so I tried a WDF20, then a WDF18. Both of these...
  2. T

    MagicChef HMDR450BE MiniFridge Thermostat - Help with Replacement Part Number

    Hello/Good Afternoon, I apologize for a verbose post, but would like to ask for help with a part number. ~3-4 months ago, our MagicChef HMDR450BE MiniFridge abruptly ceased to work at all. A multimeter confirmed that the compressor was working, and while checking the thermostat, the fridge...

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