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whirlpool agitator

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    Replaced shift actuator on my Whirlpool Washer WTW5000DW1 but it still doesn't engage

    The washer doesn't spin or agitate, so after searching for possible answers I changed the actuator, but the new one doesn't work either. I checked the splutch assembly and the agitator hub and everything looks OK. When I do a diagnostic check, it goes through all steps with no problem until it...
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    agitator problem whirlpool washer model# LSR8233EZo

    the agitator works only on gentle cycle,when at low speed ,when at high speed the clothes only wrap tightly around the lower agitator,have already installed agitator repair kit,did not help!
  3. A

    LSR8233EQ1 Top Part of Agitator Not Spinning

    A friend of mine gave me this washer, saying it is a good washer, but the top part of the agitator isn't working properly. They are right, it does agitate on the bottom, and I see parts on this site to fix this problem, (I think) but my problem is this: How in the heck do I get the top part of...
  4. K

    [FIXED] Whirlpool Washer Upper Agitator Doesn't Spin Mod-LSB630DLW2

    Hi, I'm back again but this time I have a problem with my Washer. During all cycles the Upper Agitator doesn't really do anything. In fact I can turn it by hand in both directions with ease. I can even spin it pretty fast when the washer is empty. It's as if the top piece is just loose. The...

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