whirlpool cabrio

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    WTW5640XW3 Error codes F3E2, F7E6, F7E5 Washer won't start

    Error codes F3E2, F7E6, F7E5 Washer won't start, hearing CLICKS, Sensing and Lid Lock lights on. The Washer Settings are --> on Normal, Water-Cold, Load-Light, Spin-Heavy. When I press the Start button, Sensing Light is on, Lid Lock light is on solid. It won't start, I can hear Click, Click...
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    WTW5700XW2 Whirlpool Cabrio Leaking like a sieve!

    After replacing the sensor/actuator, then the door lid switch and door strike, I thought I was (almost) finished with repairs for the time being. However, I had noticed some water coming out from under the machine during previous repairs. Although it didn't look like a ton (at the time, when the...
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    Whirlpool WTW4950XW3 Knocking Sounds During Wash Cycle

    I recently replaced the gear case (W11035747) in my Whirlpool Low H2O washer (WTW4950XW3) as the previous one had failed along with the tub seal. The washer sounded like a jet engine during the spin cycle and eventually leaked severely from the bottom. After the repair I ran the calibration...
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    WED6400SW1 Not Heating/Wire Missing possibly?

    Hey everyone first post. Hoping that you folks can help me out. I have checked everything for continuity and even change the thermal fuse because I had one on hand. From the images below it looks like there might be a connector wire missing. from the thermostat contact to the coil contact...
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    WTW6400SW2 Whirlpool Cabrio will start filling then stop quickly and just humm

    I have a whirlpool Cabrio and I've ran it through diagnostics and only got an 82 code, it will start filling then stop quickly and just humm, it you keep turning it off and on it will eventually start. Model # WTW6400SW2. I hear the door latch lock, try to lift lid and its locked. Can you help...