whirlpool duet sport

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    WFW8410SW01 Whirlpool Washer - F-26 Error that won’t go away

    Hello: I had a leaking pump that I fixed yesterday on a duet sport model WFW8410SW01. While testing the pump, I ran the washer several times without opening the door. After testing the machine, I left it overnight. The next day, I went to use the washer and got a F-26 error. The tech manual...
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    WFW8400TW02 Whirlpool Duet Sport -- Error Code F33

    A few years ago I replaced my drain pump because of error code F33. It's now popped up again and although my impeller seems fine this time I replaced the pump and it did not fix the problem and the error code still pops up. The washer still works on and off without rhyme or reason and will...
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    WFW8300SW03 Whirlpool duet sport f21-f33 error

    Model number: WFW8300SW03 Hello, Here are some things my washer is currently doing: - no spin - door locks after a faint locking sound which is normally a loud click. - no response to any button presses after that - garment light stays flashing. - only way to unlock is to do it manually through...
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    FIXED WFW8300SW05 Whirlpool Duet Sport F33 Error Code

    First of all I would like to say hi. I came across this forum while trying to get a handle on our washing machine woes. I like the way questions are answered and there seem to be a lot of happy forum users. I have done a forum search of our problem but wanted to post a new thread explaining...
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    110.46462501 Kenmore He2 washer error f01

    Hi, I have a Kenmore He2 Washer model number 110.46462501. It washes clothes, but then gets "stuck" and all the lights flash and the clothes inside are SOPPING wet. I have read extensively on various online blogs and done the following: - I ran the "Service History Mode and Diagnostic...
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