whirlpool range

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    GY397LXUB02 Whirlpool range buttons still not bake, etc.

    Hey Folks, RE: GY397LXUB02 Whirlpool slide-in range Issue: buttons that don't work - bake, numbers, clean, warm, favorites, timer, light buttons that do work - broil, clock, cook/hold, cancel I tried a replacement control board WP8507P392-60 and symptoms stayed...
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    WFG540H0AS Intermittent Ignition Problems and Oven not keeping temp

    I started having issues with this oven ever since it was about 4 years old. The problem is that the issues are intermittent and every time a service person would come out - the stove would work perfectly. There are two main problems with it. #1 The first problem has been happening for about 3...
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    Wanted a W10168551 conversion kit

    Hi all, I'm looking for a W10168551 gas conversion kit for Whirlpool gas range Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Paul
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    WFE361LVS0 Whirlpool Smooth Surface Range, Oven not heating properly

    My oven won't let me turn it up past 150 degrees, it just beeps and won't go past 150. The bottom element is brand new. What else can it be?