whirlpool shift actuator

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    Whirlpool washer shift actuator WTW4850XQ0 not engaging

    The washer will not spin nor agitate. Original fault code indicated a shifter fault (F7E5), so I tested the shift actuator via Test #3a (Drive System - shifter). On step 6, the motor was giving me no resistance which led me to believe the shift actuator had gone bad. After ordering a new shift...
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    Replaced shift actuator on my Whirlpool Washer WTW5000DW1 but it still doesn't engage

    The washer doesn't spin or agitate, so after searching for possible answers I changed the actuator, but the new one doesn't work either. I checked the splutch assembly and the agitator hub and everything looks OK. When I do a diagnostic check, it goes through all steps with no problem until it...
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